November Book Club: Out of My Mind, Part 2

November 6, 2015

Are you finished with the book?  Super close?  It seems like I keep hearing that you all can’t put this book down.  I need to figure out the logistics of when to post and how often during the book club – I would love to hear your feedback.

Now that that business is taken care of let’s get down to the book…

The middle third of the book is where I thought we would talk about today.  It’s full of good stuff…I’m with ya’ll!  I have a hard time putting it down!  I am really slowing myself down on this book so I can read and post and read and post.

We begin chapter 11 with Melody beginning 5th grade.  There are SO many awesome things happening in her life right now.  She gets a new chair, there inclusion (why wasn’t this happening before?  I don’t know laws about this – but it seems like something that they should have done before?)  I am loving the music teacher too.  Didn’t you just want to do a cheer when she made those girls stand up for the entire class period – and week -  because they made fun of the kids.  Go Mrs. Lovelace!!!

Seriously – with every new chapter I felt like 5th grade was throwing new curve balls and great new stuff.  Melody got her own aide – she met Rose!

What did you think of the aquarium trip?  What do you think of Rose after the trip?  I really think deep down that Rose wants to do what is right.  But I felt so conflicted for her in that moment.  I was so grateful that Mrs. V stepped in.  But I just felt so mixed.

I am going to admit it right now – this page, it totally brought tears to my eyes.  Anyone else?  How do you think Melody’s computer will change her life?  And why do you think she named it Elvira?

The last couple chapters in this section are primarily about the quiz team.  I am so extremely nervous for this!  What are your thoughts about Mr. Dimming and the quiz team?   What challenges do you think she will face participating?  If Melody were your child would you encourage the participation – even thought it might set them up for hard obstacles they have to overcome or face?

Leave a comment, let me know your thoughts and ideas about this section of the book!
And keep reading!  I’ll post about the last part of the book early next week.

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