The One Black Friday Worth My Time

November 26, 2015


Black Friday is always a fun tradition for my mom and I. Sure, we love to go out and find deals.  But mostly we just love to go out and spend time together and people watch.  But occasionally there  is a that one great deal.

This year I want to share with you the one deal I totally think is worth my time.  And you don’t even need to stand in in line for it…

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time – or followed me on Instagram, it’s probably not a surprise to you that I LOVE my Kindle Fire.  Sure, I love reading real hard copy books too and I love collecting them for my library – but I love the ease and accessibility of my Kindle.  I carry it with me everywhere!  My two older boys also have saved their money and bought their own kindle fires.  They are just right for them.  I’ll admit, they do spend a good amount of time playing games on their kindle but they do read on them too.

If you are thinking of getting your kids a tablet this is one I believe is the best to start with. They really are the best deals for you money – especially when you can get a good deal!

Amazon has some great deals on Kindles right now.

These are some deals that I’m going to be taking advantage for sure.  What are you looking for this black Friday?

Hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving.  I’m off to eat turkey and spend time with family.
(this post includes affiliated links.  You can read my policy here.  I receive a small percentage if you purchase from these links…but I would recommend you buy a kindle if you are looking for a tablet or reader no matter what!)

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