Weekly Wrap Up: 32

November 2, 2015

It’s that time of year – and every week is busy! Halloween, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas!  I am not really an idle person and love it all! I LOVE being busy!  I just need to be better at finding a balance so I still have time for reading and running.  Last week was just the beginning of it all.
I guess my body was still in recovery mode last week.  Or I just didn’t make a lot of time for running.  Look at those pitiful miles in the last two weeks!   I am really struggling trying to find time to run – I’ve had to switch to running at night most of the time and it’s so much harder to do!  I have no motivation to get going and run after 8pm.  

What time of day do you run?  How do you find motivation?  Have any good tips for running in the evening?

Last week I posted about inspiration – and what motivates me.  I’ve decided I need a challenge this month to get me going again while I decide what races I’m going to do next year.  So this month I’m going to do the Piling on the Miles Challenge with Run Eat Repeat.  It’s super easy and you set your own goal. I’m aiming for 20 miles a week and to track my calories every day. Click over to her blog if you wan to check it out and sign up.  

Also – my post about inspiration brought up a good question I have been thinking about every since…what is the difference between inspiration and motivation?


Have you been reading the book club book?  I know a lot of you have! I’ve taken my book with me everywhere – I took it with me to the office last week, and on our little stay-cation this last weekend.  I have a hard time putting this book down – but I also have been having a hard time finding time to read it too, if that makes any sense!

How far are you?  I am really enjoying it!  I plan on posting about chapters  1-10 tomorrow.  I can’t wait to hear what you all think too!

Looking forward to another full week.  We have two birthdays in the family.  And this morning I already knocked out 5 miles of my 20 miles a week goal!

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