Weekly Wrap Up

November 9, 2015


Phew!  I think we survived last week.  I’m still in recovery mode.  We had two birthdays – my nine year old and 3 year old have birthdays one day apart.  It’s a crazy time, but fun.  I love these silly kids.  My 3 year old is the most cautious toddler I know.  She does everything in her own time and cannot be rushed.  My mom (trying to help us out) sent some cute princess panties in the birthday package for this little one.  She is my last one in diapers…i should be all over this!  But she has no interest at all.  When we opened the package and I said to her “Look – now you can wear these instead of diaper!”  To which she replied, “WHY?!”  

My nine year old.  Now this is a boy who will crack you up.  He loves Pokemon cards and silly potty humor.  His teachers at church gave him a birthday gift that included a whoopie cushion. You can bet what has been going on our at our house all week.  Watch where you sit or be prepared to laugh.  

Now we are done with birthdays until February – when we have 4 more birthdays all within 6 weeks. 

Besides birthdays I also carved out a little time for some good reading, running and the Pinnner’s Conference…

I’m working away on the Piling on the Miles Challenge.  I managed a couple short runs during the middle of the week then a couple longer ones on each ends of the week.  Barely got in my goal 20.01 miles.  But I did it.  
I’ve been wanting to get to the Pinterest conference since it began 3 years ago, but it has always fallen on a busy weekend and I’ve never been able to swing it.  But this year I made it work. Friday really had the classes I wanted to attend, but sadly I just couldn’t manage that with my schedule this year.  But Saturday we had a blast.  We went to a class by Becky Higgins (I even got to talk to her in her booth (had a fan girl moment and felt really silly and didn’t know what to say).  I also swung by the Our Best Bites booth and tasted a lot of their new oils and vinegars. I love their 400 calories or less recipe book.  You can read my review here – or buy the book here..it would make a great Christmas gift for anyone on your list – just saying.  Everything I’ve ever made out it has always been a hit….and I am SO excited for my Fries before guys bag and my husband is LOVING the raspberry vinegar and chili olive oil I got him….LOVE these products. LOVE.

After walking around the conference my sister in law and I headed to lunch, where  we sat and chatted and laughed and talked for 3 hours.  We went through a couple rounds of diet coke too. I love that she is such a positive thinker.  We talked about business ideas, marketing, big dreams and ideas and laughed a lot!  It was a good day for the soul.

I also managed some great reading last week.  I’ve been slowing myself down on our book club book – if you missed the last post about it, you can read it here.  I read through 3 books last week. Two Christmas stories I can’t wait to share and this fun one by Elizabeth Camden.  I can’t wait for her next release.  Anyone else love her?
Yesterday my father in law found this little note that my late mother in law wrote down.  I love it.  I must have blogged about goals and choices once and she decided to write this down.  I want to focus on that this week.  Good, better, best.  Being intentional with my choices.  My mother in law passed away about 2 and a half years ago.  She was so amazing and loved inspirational quotes and believed in  positive thinking and living a full life.  I am going to try to be more like her this week.

My goals this week:
-20 miles
-eat a good breakfast (oatmeal) every day
-make intentional best choices
-be positive
-read 2 books

What are your goals this week?

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