Book Reivew:  Once Upon a Christmas

December 8, 2015


Once Upon a Christmas: 55 Heartwarming Short Stories Bring Meaning to the Season
Rosanne Croft, Linda Reinhardt, Sharon Bernash Smith
466 pages
ARC through NetGalley

From the Publisher:
A mysterious package left in the snow on Christmas Eve. A startling encounter with the homeless. A treasured gift of love. Set in the 1800s through the present, in colorful settings that span the globe, beloved inspirational writers Sharon Bernash Smith, Linda Reinhardt, and Rosanne Croft pen charming holiday stories to warm, delight, and romance the heart. Travel to small towns, to the tropics of Africa, to the wilds of Montana, to battlefields, and many more fascinating locations with 55 short stories featuring unforgettable characters who discover, in the midst of difficult circumstances, the true meaning of Christmas.


November was rather a rough month for me – and I had a lot going on with my family.  I couldn’t wrap my head around reading a lot of novels.  But I really wanted to read and escape life from time to tome. So anthologies were the perfect answer for me.  When I saw this book offered on Net Galley I knew it would be something I would treasure at Christmas time.  The stories were heart-warming, but the anthology compilation was just what I needed at the time.
The other day I was shopping at Walmart and I spied this book (and another one that I’m reviewing this week) on the shelf.  I love the ease of my kindle and I love that I can receive books from publishers through Net Galley so easily with it – but sometimes I love holding a real book in my hands.  I love the cover and the look of this book.  Plus that price – I really think this is a book that would be a great book to have in our Christmas library and for that price you can’t really resist!

This is an anthology - so the stories are short.  They are heart warming and I enjoyed all of them. Some more than others, but that usually happens when I read short stories. They are all different.  There are 55 of them, so if you don’t love one, you can quickly find another one that you do love.  If you enjoy feel good-Christmas stories, and you enjoy short stories this would be a great book to pick up.

Final Score:

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