Top 10 Gifts for Book Lovers

December 4, 2015

Do you have a book lover on your Christmas list this year?  Today I am going to share 10 of my favorite gift ideas that any book lover would love!
Book Series.  A series is like a gift that keeps on giving.  I reviewed the little novella, Power of the Matchmaker, last month.  It is the prequel to The Power of the Matchmaker series and loved it.  I am really thinking this would be an awesome gift to get any book lover - and pre-order all the books so a new book appears on their kindle each month!  Of course, any series would be fun to start or receive throughout the year.  This is a list of the release dates and book in The Power of the Matchmaker (and links to the ones that are already listed on Amazon):

Broken Things to Mend by Karey White (Jan 2016) 
Not Always Happenstance by Rachael Anderson (Feb 2016) 
If We Were a Movie by Kelly Oram (March 2016) 
Love is Come by Heather B. Moore (April 2016) 
Four Chambers by Julie Wright (May 2016) 
O’er the River Liffey by Heidi Ashworth (June 2016) 
Chasing Fireflies by Taylor Dean (July 2016) 
Between Earth and Heaven by Michele Paige Holmes (Aug 2016) 
How I Met Your Brother by Janette Rallison (Sept 2016) 
To Move the World by Regina Sirois (Oct 2016) 
King of the Friend Zone by Sheralyn Pratt (Nov 2016) 

The Reformer by Jaima Fixsen (Dec 2016) 

A classic book set – like this one by Jane Austen.  I think any book lover or collector wold love to add pretty books to their collection.  I think these would look so pretty in any home library:) There is no such thing as too many books.  
I love this sweet little book light.  And if you are buying for someone who loves books and don’t have an e reader a book light is always a great stocking stuffer or small useful gift.
I don’t know about you, but I am ALWAYS collecting new bags:) I love this cute library bag.  I think every book lover needs one!
If all else fails – I think gift cards are the way to go.  They make great teacher gifts and you can buy anything or any book with them.  
Jewelry is always a good bet – and when it is combined with books you can’t go wrong.  I love this book pendant necklace.  I seriously love this one.  And you can’t argue with the price of it either!
How do you keep track of the books that you read?  Do you?  I love the idea of a book journal.  I’ve had some before in the past and I love the look of this one!
Everyone needs a cozy sweatshirt, right?  I can just picture any book lover curling up with a good book in this one!
I think it would be awesome to receive a gift that included some of the givers favorite books.  Just a few of my favorite books that I love giving are: My Fringe Hours, Choose Love Journal, Say Goodbye to Survival Mode, Hands Free Life, Longing for Home (and Longing for Home, Hope Springs), Edenbrooke, Whispers on the Moors, and A Heart Revealed.
And last – but certainly not least – I think the ultimate gift you could get a book lover on your Christmas gift  this year would be a Kindle Fire.  I {LOVE LOVE LOVE}{ mine.  And Amazon is making it so easy to grab a couple of these right now at such a great price.  You can get the 7″ with special offers for only $49!

What would you add to this list?  
What is your favorite book-lover gift to give?  
What is your favorite to receive?

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