Top Ten Fiction Book List for 2015

December 18, 2015

It’s that time of year!  When we start looking back at 2015 and looking forward to 2016.  I surpassed my 52 book goal and so far have read 104 books and am still counting.  (currently reading 3)

This is always the list that I have such a hard time with. Which ones did I love? To be honest, there were so many I liked a lot!  I started looking through my 2015 list and could tell you something positive about almost every single book on there. I read some great books this year. But hat isn’t very helpful when I’m trying to narrow them down to 10!  I could easily add another 10 or more books to this list.   But after some though I believe I’ve narrowed it down. ​

These are in no certain order.


Haddie Ever After, by Kirby Larson
The continuation of Hattie Big Sky – I read this book early on in the year and fell in love with Hattie all over again.  Here is the Book Review.

heart revealed

A Heart Revealed, by Josi Kilpack.  I read a LOT of Kilpack this year.  I read through all her culinary mystery books but I wasn’t sure how she would do with a regency novel.  She released two and I was so surprised at how much I loved them.  I hope this is a genre that she continues to write in.
Here is my Book Review.

calling me home

Calling Me Home, by Julie Kilbler.  This book was a game changer for me.  It gave me so much to think about and I could re-read it anytime.  If you liked Warriors Don’t Cry, The Lions of Little Rock, or The Help, this book is for you.
You can read my book 
Book Review here.

princess academy

Princess Academy: The Forgotten Sisters, by Shannon Hale.  I’m a huge Shannon Hale fan. I loved that she wrapped up The Princess Academy with this piece – and I loved the new characters introduced.  Two other books by her that we (me and my little 6 year old) loved this year were the Princess in Black and The Princess in Black and the Perfect Princess Party.  I love a great story with a good heroine!
​Here is the Book Review.

saving marilee

Saving Marliee, by Annette Larsen is the third book in a series about princess sisters – although each book can be read as a stand alone too.  I loved Marilee’s story and I love Larsen’s story telling.  
Book Review is found here.

mr knightly

Dear Mr. Knightly, by Katerine Reay.  I finally read this book after seeing so many other bloggers recommend her novels and I was so glad I did!  Running and Jane Austen combined!  I loved this story.  She has a way to writing about some serious topics but keeping them interesting and not completely overwhelming.
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sarahs key

Sarah’s Key, by Tatiana De Rosnay.  Speaking of serious books.  This book was one that I couldn’t put down!  I know it’s an older book, and a movie too – but I hadn’t ever got to it till this year.  I still haven’t seen the movie either.  This book really stuck in my head for many more weeks.
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Followed by Frost, by Charlie N. Holmberg.  I was anxious to read this book because I really enjoyed Homberg’s Paper Magician series.  I was curious to sew how she would do with another book.  This book really surprised me!
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curiosity keeper

The Curiosity Keeper, by Sarah E. Ladd.  Sarah Ladd is one of my favorite historical fiction authors.  I really was looking forward to this book release and loved reading it over the summer.  If you enjoy books by Elizabeth Camden, you would enjoy books by Sarah.
Here is the 
Book Review.

imaginary friend

Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, by Matthew Dicks.  I read this book early on in the year.  It was written by an imaginary friend and such an interesting perspective!  It stuck with me for a couple weeks after reading it.  Great read.
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What were some of your top favorite fiction books this year?
I would love to hear what you are reading and what you enjoyed!
​Leave a comment and share!


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