Book Review: No One Can Take Your Place

February 2, 2016

No One Can Take Your Place
Sheri Dew
220 pages
hard copy edition

From the Publisher:

In No One Can Take Your Place, Sheri Dew offers powerful insights and profound testimony as she discusses the importance of doing what we came here to do. In her personable and straightforward style, she emphasizes our unique roles as men and women of God, the divine power that is available to help us fulfill our mortal missions, the lessons we can learn from those who have gone before and the legacy we will ultimately leave behind. A stirring call to action, this motivational book points to the urgent need for us as Latter-day Saints to have a clear vision of who we are.


I have usually enjoyed Sheri Dew books.  They are full of inspiration and really motivating to me.  This one wasn’t my favorite but I did find some really great quotes that I loved and it was easy to read and navigate.  I know I’m not the only one who has insecurities about what I’m doing with my life and where I want to go – who I want to become and why I’m here.  This book is full of motivation and answers for those questions.  I love how she encourages women – and talks about the importance of motherhood even though she has never had the opportunity to be a mother herself.

“I invite every woman to look around.  Who needs you and your influence?  Who needs your healing, nurturing touch?  Who needs someone to understand then and t believe in them?  Who needs to hear you say, “I know things are going to be all right, ” or “I just know you can do it,”

“If we really want to make a difference, it will happen as we mother those we have borne and those we are willing to bear with.”

“As mothers in Israel, we are the Lord’s secret weapon.”

I am a huge believer in attitude is everything.  A positive attitude can make a huge difference.  Trials and hard times won’t disappear but with the right attitude you can find peace within it.

“Sister Hinckley simply chose to see the best in every situation.  She loved people and believe in them.  According the Marjorie Hinckley everyone was good.  She was either unable to unwilling to see the negative in others.”

I really enjoyed the book – and took so much from it.  But I think the quote that stuck with me the most was in the very last part of the book.  No one can take our place.  We are are all here with a specific calling.  And no one else can do it for us.  No one.

“No one can have the influence you have been prepared to have on all who come within your sphere of influence.  Without question, no one can fulfill your foreordained mission.  No one can do what you were sent here to do.  No one.

I thought this book was great.  It wasn’t my favorite book by Dew, but it was still worth my time and I came way feeling better for having read it.

Final Score:

4 stars

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