Friday Five

February 26, 2016

I’m sorry…

I’ve had a bit of an off week.  I don’t have any good reason, and while I’ve been present on Facebook and Instagram, my blog posts and taken a backseat. And here it is Friday again!

So today for my Friday Five I’m keeping it simple:  I am going to share 5 pictures from my Instagram account.

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This one made me laugh…poor Wickham has such a bad rep.  I started watching “Lost in Austen” this week and my sister tells me that it depicts a different version of Wickham and Georgianna that we maybe don’t always think of.  I haven’t got to that point yet – but it’s a pretty cute show either way.


I’ve been listening to To Kill a Mockingbird on audible this week in the mornings.  I haven’t read it since jr high/high school, but I thought it would be an appropriate time to revisit this classic.  I have really enjoyed it!  (And I LOVE listening to it – I grew up in the south, so I think I can do a pretty decent accent, but Sissy Spacek’s reading is so spot on!)


My favorite 3 year old, her puppy and I made a Barnes and Noble run this week.  We don’t do that very often because I have a love (addiction) to Amazon and our local library. But it was a fun outing! Besides finding some new books for my TBR list and a couple that I did take home, I loved watching her walk around and look at everything.  It was fascinating just watching this little busy girl browse through the store.  She loved everything!


While at B&N we found this cute note in one book we were looking at!  How cute is that!?  I think these “book notes” are a fabulous idea – I think I will need to leave some for others in the future!  It would be super easy to do – I could write a few up before our next trip to the library or even take another trip back to B&N and share some there!


outdoor running

This week has given us spring fever! I’ve been in the worst mood lately and I think it’s just winter getting the best of me.  But yesterday when I got off work the sun was still shinning, the kids were out in the back playing basketball and it was 52 degrees!  An outdoor run was calling my name!  One quick 3 mile loop in the sunshine later my grumpyish mood was gone and I felt so much better!


Only 5 weeks left until my first half marathon of the year!


What have you been up to this week?  Read any good books?

Is it warm enough to run outside where you are at?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

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