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February 15, 2016

GUYS!  I had a little moment last night I when I walked past a calendar and realized I only had 7 weeks until my first half marathon!

Where has the time gone?

And what the heck have I been doing with myself?

(if you guessed reading, and not running, you are correct!)


So I quickly sat down this morning and came up with a training schedule.  I have not been good at running lately. I’m starting off somewhere in the middle. It’s not entirely beginner, but it’s not expert level either.  It’s a good place to start.

7 week half marathon training schedule

There are two things things I’m really excited about with this schedule:

Cross Train

I’m really excited to really add some cross training this time around.  In the past I have been so bad at cross training and I usually just end up running extra miles those days. I’m beginning to realize that isn’t always the smartest choice. But this time I really am going to try to do it and not cheat.  One reason I’ve been slacking on running lately is lack of time for it – so I’ve already picked out a good cross training workout that is only 20 minutes.  If I don’t have time for that, I’m just too busy and I need to rethink my daily schedule.

Speed and Hills

Intervals and hill training. I do a lot of running on my treadmill, especially during the school year and during the winter.  I never mix it up either.  I almost always run at the same speed at the same level every time I run.  I think if I’m going to get better at running and feel better with my next half marathon, I really need to mix things up.  I’m looking forward to Fridays!


I feel SO much better now that I got this done and on paper.  I feel so much better with a plan!

7 week is not that far away – but I think I’ve got this!

I can’t wait for my first half marathon of the year!


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    Yay! I’m so excited for this!

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    Good luck with your training and your race! 🙂 I’m working through my first half training cycle of the season as well.

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