Weekly Wrap Up: Training Week Feb. 21-27

February 29, 2016

One more week of training down.  And just one month to go until my first half marathon of the year.  I’ve been in a running slump lately so I’m a little nervous to see how this race really goes.  I am mentally planning on not seeing a PR… rather I would like to finish and feel good and strong about the day.

30 day shred

First thing I finished last week:  Jullian Micheal’s 20 Minute Shred Work Out.  I am embarrassed to admit it but this workout is SO hard for me.  It is short and basic, but it really can be a challenge.  The big bonus of this workout is it is seriously only 20 minutes, so it’s pretty easy to fit in anytime of the day.  I don’t think I’ll ever lose any more weight or get any faster until I really add some sort of cross training to my schedule. This kicked my butt Tuesday and Wednesday last week.



Thursday was such a pretty day outside!  I work at my husbands office longing at the beautiful weather from my desk most of the day…but as soon as I got home I grabbed a quick 3 mile run outside. I pushed myself a little faster than I do on the treadmill and finished with an average pace of 9:43. I LOVE that it’s warmer and lighter outside.


I used to take Fridays off from running. And then do a long run on Saturday, but I’ve recently decided that Friday should be interval day.  I haven’t been very good at intervals in the past either.  I really don’t mind running on my treadmill, but I almost always have it at the exact same speed and at the same incline.  So I’ve been trying to mix in a couple of the interval programs.  I really love this one – it alternates between an inclined walk and a fast flat run. I don’t run that many miles, (the particular program I did last week was only 1.25 miles and 20 minutes long).  I actually think it’s kinda fun!

Saturday was my long run day.  I had 6 miles down on my training schedule but we ended up at 7 miles at a 10:15 pace.  I know I slow everyone else down in our group, but I think 10:15 for anything above 5 is about the best I can do right now.  I probably talk too much.  Talking and running always slows me down.  But I love to gab.

I finished the week out with pretty low miles total: 11.34 miles.  It’s crazy to think that during Christmas break I was able to pound out 30+ miles in one week and now I’m at 11.  But I need to pull myself out of the funk and find some serious motivation.  I’m banking on this spring weather to help me!

32 days till race day!

Do you have any spring races planned?

How do you pull yourself out of running slump?


This week I have some great posts and fun things planned…so don’t forget to check back!

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