Author Interview: Jane Grix

May 25, 2016

I am so excited to share this with you today!  I love doing author interview and learning more about authors that I love.  Actually I just love learning about everyone – it is so fascinating asking people questions and learning their answers!
Yesterday I shared with you a book by Jane Grix – an author I met in a facebook group and have loved her books!  Today we get to learn more about her!  And make sure you read to the bottom for a fun surprise!
Welcome, Jane…
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When did you first fall in love with Jane Austen
I read Pride and Prejudice when I was 12.  Over the next few years I read Sense and Sensibility (didn’t like it as much) and Emma (was grossed out by OLD Mr. Knightley).  I was reading a massive amount of Harlequins and other romances at the time, and I think by the time I was 17 or so I realized how wonderful Jane Austen was, how unique, how brilliant.  I have read Pride and Prejudice at least once a year for more than 30 years now.   I enjoy ALL of Jane Austen’s writings now, including her early writings and her correspondence!
What is your favorite Jane Austen novel?  Why?
Pride and Prejudice, although I have a soft spot for Persuasion, too because it speaks to an older woman who is dealing with her dysfunctional family and regrets.  It gives the reader hope for second chances.
What is your favorite P&P version and why?
The 1995 version with Colin Firth, because it is the only version LONG enough to tell the story.  As much as the 2005 version is beautiful, it feels like Jane Austen on speed.  Still wonderful, but jolting sometimes.
Do you have another favorite author or book?
Other favorite authors (These are ones I reread)
Georgette Heyer for her brilliant Regency World (Venetia is a favorite)
Dick Francis for his heroic everyday heroes with heart (Nerve is a favorite)
Dorothy L. Sayers (the Harriet Vane books) – especially Gaudy Night, about an intelligent woman author falling in love with the detective.
Explain why you feel it is so important to keep your romance novels on the cleaner side?  What can we expect from your books?
I try to keep my novels within a PG rating — with some reference to sex when needed, but no detailed sex scenes.  Why?  Because I love the old 1930s and 1940s movies that could be romantic and sexy with clever dialogue, meaningful glances and then a tasteful fade to black.  Grown ups knew what was going on, and children could watch without seeing something they shouldn’t.  I want my books to feel the same way.  I want to write books that wouldn’t harm a 12 year old, but that are more meaningful to adults.
I read a lot of romances when I was younger, mostly sweet ones, but a large number of racy ones, too.  Over the years I’ve found that many of the sex scenes don’t seem real to me.  Either characters are jumping into bed too soon or they aren’t acknowledging the power and importance of the sexual act.  I think sex should mean more than a good night kiss.  And I prefer to read and write books that leave the mechanics to the imagination.
I read a quote years ago that said when writing love scenes, you run the risk of scandalizing half your audience and boring the other half.  I think that is true.  By leaving the details up to the imagination of the readers, they can fill in the blanks with what they find romantic, sexy, etc.
Do you have any new books coming out soon and tell us what else you are working on?
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My latest book is Something Sweet, which is the third book in my Love and Chocolate Series.  The first book in that series is Corporate Husband which is free just about everywhere, and the second book is Marry the Doctor. (click on the titles for the links).
Those are Beverly Farr books.
With my Jane Grix pen name, my latest book is Mistaking Mr. Darcy, which answers the question, What would happen if Mr. Darcy had an identical twin brother?
I’m currently working on another Pride and Prejudice Variation that should be available within the next month.  At one time I thought I would run out of plot ideas for my Darcy stories, but I have about 5 plots in the queue, so I don’t think I will run out.
Do I have a favorite treat while reading or writing?
I love soups.  When I’m writing I want hot food.  For middle of the day, I like a creamy potato soup, split pea or tomato soup.
In the evenings, I make myself a hot drink made with half and half, a teaspoon of maple syrup and real cinnamon.

Now the trick is to drink these hot liquids without spilling it on my notes or my keyboard. 🙂

Thanks Beverly (Jane)!  I loved reading your answers and can’t wait for some of your new books to come out.  I’m loving the fact that you don’t think you will run out of ideas for Mr. Darcy – because that means we will continue to get books!
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