Book Review: Tailor Made

May 9, 2016

The Royals of Monterra: Tailor Made
Annette Lyon
90 pages
Kindle edition

From the Publisher:

Two people. An impossible Task. A traitor in their midst.

Sofia’s mother desperately needs medicine, and Sofia will do anything to get it—including working for a month at the royal palace, where she’ll knit silk stockings from sunup to sundown. Yet if she can do it, Sofia will have the ability to get the medicine her mother needs, with money to spare.

But Sofia’s safe world of knitting needles and thread is turned upside down when she finds herself in the middle of palace intrigue. Head tailor Antonio and Sofia uncover a plot to sabotage the royal wedding and plunge Monterra into war. As they work together to save their country, she can’t help falling in love with the unassuming and attractive head tailor, even though she knows she can’t have him. Her country and her family need her. As they race to stop the traitor, the battle in her heart intensifies, and she fears that the victor won’t be love.


I recently discovered that Kindle has the coolest new thing – Kindle Worlds. I wasn’t familiar with this, but it’s been around a year or so.  There are “worlds” created – off popular shows, movies, or fiction and then authors can submit their own fan-fiction or versions of the stories.  It is such a cool idea!

I’ve read a couple short novellas by Annette Lyon so when I saw she had wrote a little Kindle World novella I thought it would a be a fun one to try out.  The book was fun and cute.  I loved Sofia and her skills.  I thought the mystery was a nice twist in the story.  I really loved the love story that developed between Sofia and Antonio.

You can read more about Kindle Worlds on their blog by clicking here, and you can select the world you want and then see what story options you can choose by following this link (the kindle words are listed on the side bar).

I really enjoyed Lyon’s short story and thought it was a fun read.  If you like clean romance stories, and you enjoy reading novellas (I love them because they are easy to pick up and finish in one setting) than I would suggest reading more of her books.  I’m giving this a 5 star score because I really liked the story – and I really love the idea of the Kindle Worlds!

Final Score:

5 stars

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