Make Over Your Evenings: Day 2

May 3, 2016

I love today’s lesson!  Lesson two is a brainstorming session and we talk a lot about what our ideal night would look like.What would your idea evening look like?  What would it feel like?  I kinda like brainstorming sessions because anything can go – you can dream as big or as bold as you want.  Nothing is wrong when you are brainstorming!

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My older kids have been joining me sometimes during the lessons – my nine year old is pretty interested actually – he is good at coming up with ideas for my brainstorming list too…although a lot of his ideas included me rubbing his back for hours at bedtime:)

Some of the items on my perfect evening would include:

  • Not yelling at my kids…totally being honest and throwing that out there first.  by the end of the day we are ALL tired.
  • Read aloud to the kids
  • Picking out outfits for the younger 3.  It helps their morning go better if their outfits are laid out and ready.  And let’s face it, my older boys don’t really need me to lay out basketball shorts and a tee shirt.  Because they wear that
  • Get my clothes ready for the next morning.  I am up early – either for work or for running. And it is super helpful if everything is ready and all put together.  Plus, my husband likes to sleep in – so this helps me grab what I need fast and get out of the room so he can snooze!
  • A clean kitchen.  I would love to end every night with a clean kitchen and the dishwasher on, or set to run in the middle of the night
  • Figure out the menu for the next day – look up the lunch menu at school, let the kids decide if they want school lunch or home lunch.  Make sure we have a plan for breakfast.  Check the calendar/meal planner for dinner
  • Wash my face, get ready for bed.  This is completely sad to admit, but I used to fall asleep without doing this at all, but now that I have found Rodan + Fields, (click for more info) I really LOVE doing this every evening.
  • Relaxing and reading a nice book.  I really look forward to this every night, but lately by the time I get around to it I fall asleep within a few minutes, no matter how good the book is.  This makes me so sad.  I love spending 30 minutes or so reading each night.

Phew!  This list is just a portion of the things that I wrote down!

From this list we then narrowed it down in our lesson – then mapped it out.  This seems so simple, but this is SO helpful. I am so excited to see how the next couple days work out now that I feel a little bit more prepared for what my evening should be like.

What would your perfect evening include or not include?  Have you been working through the lessons?  How are they going for you?

You can grab a copy of the class and do it at your own pace by clicking the image below.


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