Make Over Your Evenings: Day 3

May 4, 2016

Day 3 is for me!  Day 3 is for me!

Day three is all about determining what we cannot do – and this is the lesson that I, apparently, need to learn over and over in my life.  I need to learn how to say NO.


Crystal asks in this lesson, What sucks the life out of you?  What activities help me get closer to my goal? Do I have breathing room in my life.

This lesson spoke directly to me!  The stack of books above are mine. These are the suggested reading/extra resources that Crystal lists with today’s lesson.  (Have I mentioned that is one thing that I love about her resources at the end of each lesson? She gives you valuable lessons and then links to sources that are always good resources and extra reading that is worth my time)…anyway…this stack of books I’ve been meaning to get to.  I read the sample chapters on my kindle of  The Best Yes at the beginning of the year and then ordered the book and haven’t made time to finish it.  And Breaking Busy...guys I have been TOO BUSY to read Breaking Busy!

How lame am I??!!

Lesson 3 about learning to say no is ALL.FOR.ME

I need to learn to prioritize my time, to work on what matters most at the time and put away distractions.  This means, for me – to put way Instagram and Facebook.  I am ashamed to say it.  But it’s true.  I would get a post written so much faster if I would close that facebook tab – or put my phone away.  After working through this lesson,I am creating a “stop doing list” and this is the number one place I am going to start.

Do you have a stop doing list?  Do you have a hard time saying no – and overloading your day?  Have you read any of these books?

Grab a copy of the course and follow along.


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