Make Over Your Evenings: Day 5

May 12, 2016

I confess:  I have fallen off the Make Over Your Evening bandwagon.  True, Just a little fall. But a fall. Lesson 4 was SO hard for me.  I set the goal to turn off social media at night, but embarrassingly enough, that is a HUGE challenge for me.  I am still working on it.  And even with my time off between lesson 4 and lesson 5, I am still not perfect at this goal yet.  But I’m jumping back up and heading in the right direction.  Starting with reading and working through lesson 5 last night. Besides, I’ve decided I really DO need this course – the last couple days have been crazy!  I need to really spend some time getting my evenings in order!

I loved this lesson – so it was a good one to jump back in with.  I am a HUGE list maker. Crystal talks bout “brain dumping” at the end of each day.  She writes down what she needs to do on a google calendar.  I go almost everywhere with a notebook.  I always have a notebook with me and have constant lists going at all times.  I have a notebook I keep in my purse and notebook I keep on the kitchen counter.  I am not in the habit of “brain dumping” or making a list every night for the day before, I tend do make my list first thing in the day.  But I can see where writing this down in the night would be helpful. I think I would sleep better if I knew I had already made the list and got rid of those items from my head.

This year I’ve been trying to convert from a paper calendar to using our phones and google calendar.  It’s a challenge.  I do like that it is everywhere with me, but I don’t always see the visual reminder everyday, which is one big reason that I love paper calendars. But I think moving towards digital will be a good move for me and my family. With 5 kids we are starting to really need one calendar everyone can access and see from anywhere. I obviously haven’t converted my to-do list yet since I just admitted to carrying a notebook with me at all times.  🙂  I have downloaded Evernote to my phone and played around with it every once in a while, but not ever found anything that has really stuck with me yet.

Do you like to keep to-do lists?  Do you write them every day?  When?  Do you prefer paper or digital?

Want to make more time in your evenings for you?  Want to set your night up, so your next day starts as a success?  Click on the link below and grab a 14 day course and follow along.  You can even test the first day free.  I’ve take a couple of Crystal’s courses and I have always been WAY impressed with the course for the money you pay.  They are full of solid, helpful advice for a good price.


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