Make Over Your Evenings

May 2, 2016

A few weeks ago I blogged about Crystal Paine’s new online class Make Over Your Evenings.  I have really enjoyed Crystal’s other courses – I have worked through Make Over Your Mornings and Make Over Your Year.  The last couple days I’ve been working on this course and am going to blog some of my thoughts throughout my Make Over My Evenings Journey.

Day 1 – Identify Your Why

Day one starts with some soul searching and really sitting down and figuring out why you want to work on this course.  It’s about deciding what you want to change in your life and WHY you want to do it.  As Crystal says…

“You need to know your why behind what you’re wanting to change.”

Today is all about asking yourself some tough questions –

  • What is the most frustrating thing in your life right now?
  • What is one area that, if changed, would make the biggest impact?
  • What am I struggling with most right now?
  • What drew me to consider starting this course in the first place?
  • At the end of this course, if I only changed one thing, what one thing would make the biggest difference in my life?

I’ll be honest, some of these questions were really hard for me to face and think about.  But I think, even though it was hard, it was something that was really time well spent.  It’s something I should do every once in a while – take a good inventory of my life and think about what I want to change and how I can change.

One thing that I’ve really wanted to work on this year is my spirituality.  I’ve made a goal this year to really work on trying to establish some better Holy Habits.  I know I need to read my scriptures and study spiritual books – and I mean to do it, but sadly – and I am even embarrassed to admit this – I haven’t always been good at forming a permanent habit in my life. I will be great at it for a year, and then it go, I will let it slip for a few months and then pick it up here and there.  I just need to be better.  I’ve been trying to use the app Habit Bull to help remind me to work on this, and it’s really helped.  After working through day one, I know I really need to work on my nighttime routine, not so I can read and study at night – but so that I can get up early in the mornings and really devote at least 30 minutes to working on these holy habits.

If you’ve read my blog for a while you might already know that I am a big morning person.  I love being productive in the morning, but I need to be better at using my mornings in the right way.  I think that starting my Make Over Your Evenings Journey will really help me establish some good habits that set my next day up for success.

I was listening to this podcast the other day about morning routines (click here for the link) – it’s short and sweet  and it really made me think about how I can use my mornings in a better way.  Just because I can get myself out of bed early, doesn’t mean I use my time in the best way.  I’ve been really trying to take myself out of my comfort zone this year.  I think that is where real change happens.



What would your why be if you were taking this course?  I know a couple people signed up – Are you following along with me?

If you want to follow along and grab a copy of this course, click in the link here – and sign up. I would love to know your why and know if you are following along.

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