July 30, 2016

I’ve been thinking about this quote a lot lately.  It’s something I hear said a lot in my Rodan+Fields team, and I’ve really started to think about how it applies to almost every aspect of my life.

10 mile run

This morning I ran 10 miles.  I haven’t ran 10 miles in a long time.  Possibly since my last half in May.  I forgot all about how good this really makes me feel.  Not good in the way that “my legs feel awesome” because I ran downhill this morning and at a faster pace so I’m pretty sure I will be feeling this run tomorrow.  But feeling good in the accomplishment way.  I forget how good it feels to push myself past my normal limits and really challenge myself.  Five miles is a pretty good number for me.  I can run 5 miles and feel pretty good and comfortable.  But it doesn’t really challenge me.  It isn’t anything out of my comfort zone.


Real growth happens right outside your comfort zone.

Real change happens when you start to challenge yourself.

Nothing changes if nothing changes!

I’ve been part of a challenge group with my Rodan+Fields group.  Last week I was given the challenge to post a video talking about an awesome mini facial product.  A video!!?!!  This challenge really scared me!  I wasn’t so sure I wanted to do it.  But when I joined this challenge group I made a commitment to myself that I would try my very best to accomplish every single challenge.

So I made the video, then I didn’t like it so I made another.  Then I decided this was silly and I was just going to post it.  And I posted it and put my phone down and took the kids to the park and had fun with my brother, because we were visiting his house last week.

You know what?  The video wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be!  I got some positive comments!  I was SO stressed and it wasn’t that big of a deal!  I could even do it again now!


Are you not happy where you are at spiritually?  Make a change. Nothing changes if nothing changes. It’s super easy.  It doesn’t have to be something HUGE, but even something small can make a difference.  I felt like I needed to make a better effort with spiritualtiy in my life but I didn’t know how or when to fit it in.  So I decided to make a commitment to index a batch of names in Family Search every Sunday.  It has helped!  Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Not happy about your weight?  Your financial situation?  Your life?  Make a change.

tree and change

I am trying my best to life by this new mantra.  Nothing changes if nothing changes.  I forget how rewarding it is to push yourself and achieve your goals.  I am grateful for sore muscles I have from the 10 miles this morning.

Because it shows me that things are changing.

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