Weekly Wrap Up

August 29, 2016

Phew…it’s been a super long time since I’ve posted a weekend wrap up!  In fact, I looked…I don’t think I’ve posted a weekly wrap up since February!  Eik!

Life has been so busy!  Summer was packed full.


But here we are!  First day of school and we survived! Now that 4 of the five kids are back in school I just might have more time to sit down and blog!  I am hoping anyway…but entertaining one kid is a little bit more tricky than having a house full of kids who entertain themselves.  We both might already be counting down the days till she starts preschool next week. 🙂


Last week I read four books!  Two non-fiction and two fiction.  I’ve been reading and studying a lot about forgiveness and letting go lately.  A good friend and I have been exchanging messages and encouragement back and forth and she sent me this new book.  It won’t be one that I read straight through – but I am already loving it!


A good friend recommended this book to me, but she didn’t warn me that I would get nothing else done!  I finished this book in a day and can’t wait to see the movie now.  Who else has read it?  I’ll post my full review later this week.


Sadly, my running has taken a hit in the past month.  This summer I worked a couple different part time jobs and honestly found it really difficult to find time for consistent running.  I’ve been doing long runs on the weekend, but my daily habits have just been stinky.  My 3rd half marathon of the year is on Sept 10th…which will be here before I know it!  I ran two 13 milers this month for training! And Saturday I finished off the month with a 10 miler.  I’m dreading the treadmill, but I know I need to get back in some better daily habits.  I found a new show (Poldark) so I am hoping it can be my new treadmill show.  A good show can get me through almost any treadmill run.


One last exciting bit of news…my triplet nephews got their mission calls to serve for 2 years as a full-time missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! (yes, these are their happy faces) I am so proud of them and so excited!  They will be serving in New York, New, York South, Boise, Idaho and Orlando Florida!  It is such a sacrifice and I am pretty proud of them and their decision to serve.  If you live in those areas, or know anyone in those areas, you’ll have to make sure they get a good meal for my sister!

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