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September 1, 2016

Keeping it real around here.  Yesterday I pounded out a bunch of freezer meals (and posted a picture to my personal page) and I had a lot of comments saying how awesome I was because of that.  But the reality of it is,is that I’m not (okay, maybe just a little bit? 😉  just kidding!)  Every one has problems.  Everyone has something.  No one is breezing through life untouched.  I might be able to pound out a ton of meals in a couple hours, but I still have problems. My life is far from perfect. Freezer meals are simply a good/productive distraction.  My heart hurts for one reason or another. No one one exempt….even when it might appear so.









I woke up this morning feeling a little defeated and a little down.  I’ve struggled with this feeling for the past couple weeks.  Ok – maybe even the last couple years.  And then then it hit me.  I could sit here and feel sorry for myself, of I could find some peace.  So I left work and headed to the temple for an hour.









I came out of the temple and my problems were still there.  My heart is still a little sad about problems that I have and situations that I cannot fix or change.  But I felt strength and peace for a few minutes and that was helpful.  Before leaving the temple one sister looked me, and gave me a little squeeze on the shoulder.  My heart whispered: You can do it.  You can do hard things.  She knew I needed it.

I’ve spent the last couple weeks reading about forgiveness, vulnerability, and being authentic.  And I agree, we need more of this in the world. Sometimes I think we would all be a little more kind, or a little slower to judge if we wore a sign around our neck with our struggles.  Some are easy to see.  Others are not.  And honestly, I think most people are just better at putting on a brave face and covering their problems up.  I wrote this post and then stared at it all afternoon before I decided I just needed to hit publish. Because that is what it’s all about.

I am not perfect.  I cannot do it all. Today I am just thankful for a place I can go to find peace.

No matter your religion or what you believe I hope that everyone has a place they can go, or a person/being they can pray to that helps them find peace.

I think it’s more about that than anything else.

finding peace.

being kind.

letting go.



trusting in the journey.

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