Book Review: Beekle

October 20, 2016

Dan Santat
40 pages
Hard Copy Edition

From the Publisher:

This magical story begins on an island far away where an imaginary friend is born. He patiently waits his turn to be chosen by a real child, but when he is overlooked time and again, he sets off on an incredible journey to the bustling city, where he finally meets his perfect match and-at long last-is given his special name: Beekle.

New York Times bestselling and award-winning author and illustrator Dan Santat combines classic storytelling with breathtaking art, creating an unforgettable tale about friendship, imagination, and the courage to find one’s place in the world.


This cute book made it home from the school library this week and our family has fallen in love with it.  It is such a cute book about friendship and finding your own true friend.  The story follows the journey of Beekle, an imaginary friend who has yet to be imagined or found yet.  So he journeys to find his own friend.

The pictures in this book are colorful and fun and my kids love it all the way around.  The story holds their interest and the pictures keep them engaged.  And even better, as an adult, I love the idea behind it – that sometimes a friend can find you, and sometimes you have to go out and search for your own good friend.  There are so many discussions we could have about friendship from this book – if we wanted to have a lesson about it, but honestly, my the kids just love reading it (over and over) and looking at the pictures.
Totally cute and fun book.  We read the library book version, but I would love to add this to our personal library as well.

If you have kids under the age of 10  – or older kids with a big imagination, this is a book you’ll want to check out.

Final Score:

5 stars

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