Book Review: Cordelia

November 30, 2016

My girls and I recently have fallen in love with this little book and a cute girl named Cordelia!

Cordelia is a little girl who believes that she can fly!  She is full of color, spunk and joy!  I love the simple and colorful illustrations in this book.

The story is simple and has such an important lesson.  Because what happens to Cordelia when people tell her that she cannot fly?  What will she do and what will she believe?  The color fades from the pages in this book when Cordelia listens to others instead of the voice inside herself. And the story becomes black and white and sad. Will she get her color back?  Will she be able to fly again?

Slowly, Cordelia figures out that she should believe in herself and not what others have to say about her.  And I have to say my girls LOVE the ending to this story!  It is just a sweet simple story – but one that we’ve read over and over again – and book that I hope that they remember.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all believed in ourselves like Cordelia does!?

This book is not available on Amazon (like most of the books that I review), but instead is an Usborne book.  I have a couple great friends who sell their books and I know a lot of them are running holiday specials right now too.  Just let me know if you don’t know anyone that sells Usborne and I can point you to any one of my friends:)  If “something to read” is on a Christmas list for any girl in your life, this would make a great little gift.  (it’s under $10!)




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    Michelle Nelson-Schmidt

    Thank you for your lovely review of my book! I’m so glad you and your girls enjoyed it. ❤️

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