Book Review: Finding Sleeping Beauty

November 10, 2016

Finding Sleeping Beauty
Tarrah Montgomery
240 pages
kinde edition

From the Publisher:

Princess Danielle’s life in the fairy-tale land of Fenmore Falls has been overshadowed by a secret bargain with a wizard – a bargain that allowed her to be born. At the royal ball the night before her sixteenth birthday, a shocking comment by a stranger forces Danielle’s father, the king, to tell her the details of the curse. Trying to protect her, he sends her through a magic door to a peculiar place called Idaho.

Instead of a castle and horse-drawn carriages, Danielle’s new world has cars and trucks, and a school named Shelley High. Taken in by Dorothy, a woman who knows Danielle’s true identity, the princess-in-hiding struggles to live like an average teenager. She quickly becomes friends with Dorothy’s daughter, Abby, and finds herself drawn to their cute neighbor, Nate.

As time passes, Danielle realizes how nice it is to be known for herself, rather than as a princess. But suddenly the curse returns with a vengeance and so do her enemies. In order to survive, she must rely on her new friends, as well as some old ones from Fenmore Falls. Through it all, she discovers her inner strength and the power of true love.


A few weeks ago I was looking through my old My Reading Spot site and came across my review for Tarrah Montgomery’s other book, I’m not Cinderella.  I immediately opened another window and searched her out on Amazon! I vividly remember loving her first book.  It was so fun and sweet.  But in the hustle and bustle of life, I had forgot to check and see if she had any new books out.  I was so happy to find out that she had more!  Finding Sleeping Beauty is available now, and it looks like she has another book, but it is currently out of print…so I’ll have to wait a little longer for that one. But Finding Sleeping Beauty was a winner!  Oh, how I loved this cute book!

Transported out of her time and thrown into modern day time in rural Idaho, Danielle (Sleeping Beauty) now navigate boys, school, friends and life in Idaho – all while trying to escape the bad guy too.  This book was just too cute.  I love that is is clean as well. Sometimes I find a book that I enjoy and I want to recommend it to people, but I always give a little warning or disclaimer about it – it has a little language, it has a couple graphic scenes, it has some disturbing plot lines….but not this book! This is a book that I think any pre-teen or teen girl who loves princesses would love.

I loved that not only was Sleeping Beauty in this book – but several fairy tale characters.  It was just so fun reading and seeing how they all intertwined and came together.  Montgomery set it up beautifully for the next book in the series, which I hope becomes available soon.  And while these books are part of a “princess chronicles”, so far (the two I’ve read) are great stand alone books and do not need to be read in any certain order.  I enjoyed sitting down and reading this book  – it was fast and easy read, and just what I needed!

Final Score:

5 stars

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