Book Review: I Can Sleep When the Wind Blows

November 1, 2016

I Can Sleep When the Wind Blows
Heather Davis
40 pages
Kindle copy from author in exchange for review

From the Publisher:

I Can Sleep When The Wind Blows is a retelling of the classic story of Jim, a 17 year old boy who applies to work on a farm. His only qualification is that he can sleep when the wind blows. The farmer doesn’t understand what he means but he hires him. When a terrible storm comes in the night, the farmer learns the value of this unusual skill.


Now that Halloween is a day behind us it’s time to start thinking about Christmas!  One thing that I love to give my kids each year is a new book.  So this time of year, especially, I am always on the hunt for books I think my kids will enjoy. So for the next few weeks I will be sharing a few more picture books here and there that I think would make great Christmas gifts.  And while I happened receive an advanced copy of this book for an exchange of my review, I still loved this timeless little tale and feel it would make a good addition to our family library.

This is a heart felt story about learning to be prepared.  Preparation helps us when hard time come and we are able to “sleep when the wind blows”. It’s a great lesson for kids and adults.  The illustration in this book are colorful and bright and my kids really enjoyed looking through the book a couple times and reading it together.  We have sparked good discussions from this book about ways we can be prepared, from things like not putting off your homework to saving money to learning how to cook.  Not only was it cute, but this book has offered a good jumping board into discussions we can have as a family.

I received a kindle version of the book, but I would love to have a hard copy of this book added to our family library.  We all love our kindles, but sometimes just feeling the book in our hands is SO much better than our electronic versions.

If you are on the hunt for Christmas gifts, or a good picture book to add to your book collection this would make an excellent gift or addition.  You can grab a copy on Amazon by clicking here.

Final Score:

5 stars

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