Friday Five

November 18, 2016

It finally happened!  Thursday we woke up to see snowflakes coming down outside. I’m a southern girl at heart, and not super excited about snow – but I LOVE seeing the excitement that it brings my kids.  The first snow  of the year always feels a little bit like Christmas morning.  Has it snowed where you are at?  Are you a fan?

Today the snow is gone – but it’s finally feeling like winter and my littlest and I have spent the morning with hot chocolate, a warm quilt and watching Cinderella.

Like I said, I might not be a huge snow fan, but here are five things that I’m loving this week….


  1. Sunday mornings we are LOVING listening to a peaceful Christmas Pandora station and coloring in some great coloring books.  Add some hot chocolate and it’s a great win for me.  I’ll admit, my older boys don’t last a super long time, but I do enjoy all sitting around and visiting and coloring.  One of my favorite books we’ve found is this one. (click for link).  It’s spiral bound and has a hard cover, so it’s easy to take places with us too.

2. I took the kids to see the Troll movie this past weekend. They were kinda grumpy after the movie – which in turn made me grumpy and the whole theme of the movie was to find your happiness – which kinda made me laugh….but I guess the kids have made up for it, because all they talk about this past week has been the sound track and specifically THIS song. I just LOVE the lesson that it teaches them.

img_6371 img_6366

3. I have a new obsession…Lipsence.  I’ll admit, when I first saw it I was totally like – no way…not me.  Then I tried it and I still wasn’t sold on it.  It took some getting used too.  But now I am a BIG believer and fan.  I can put some on at 7am, and it will still look amazing at 10pm. I have so many friends who sell it, so if you are interested, let me know and I’ll hook you up.  My little girls love watching the videos we find about it and they giggle and laugh. Thanks to Rodan + Fields I only wear lipstick and mascara now – my morning routine is SO EASY!.  My new color is Spice Ice…love it!  And of course my little girls had to get in on the action too – so they got some glossy gloss.

4.  This time of year gets crazy…and when it gets crazy I kinda get a little grumpy.  So this year I am trying to keep on top of things and one of the ways that I am doing that is I am taking a step back, and re-taking a course I took last year by Money Saving Mom, Crystal Paine.  If you’ve read my blog for a while you know I am a HUGE fan of her.  I love her blog and her courses are always affordable and super helpful.  I’m a big sucker for online courses – and some I’ve paid a pretty penny for because they have big promises – but had zero results.  But not with Crystal…for once, her courses are AFFORDABLE!  No payment plans needed with her.  And she is so down to earth.  I love her.  (I just watched a live video with her this morning and she was cracking me up – she makes mistakes, she is real and she isn’t afraid to show it.  Starting in December I am going to take a re-fresher of her Make Over Your Mornings course.  I really loved it the first time around, and I know it will help me again.    I plan on blogging about it again too – it helps me stay acccountable when I blog and tell you all about it.  Want to take this with me?  Click here and find out more information.


5. Book Club book!  It was pretty unanimous  – everyone wants to read The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult.  (Click on the link to grab a copy from Amazon).  I’m excited to read this.  The synopsis from the publisher says:

Some stories live forever . . .
Sage Singer is a baker. She works through the night, preparing the day’s breads and pastries, trying to escape a reality of loneliness, bad memories, and the shadow of her mother’s death. When Josef Weber, an elderly man in Sage’s grief support group, begins stopping by the bakery, they strike up an unlikely friendship. Despite their differences, they see in each other the hidden scars that others can’t.

Everything changes on the day that Josef confesses a long-buried and shame­ful secret and asks Sage for an extraordinary favor. If she says yes, she faces not only moral repercussions, but potentially legal ones as well. With the integrity of the closest friend she’s ever had clouded, Sage begins to question the assumptions and expectations she’s made about her life and her family. In this searingly honest novel, Jodi Picoult gracefully explores the lengths to which we will go in order to keep the past from dictating the future.

It sounds so interesting!  I can’t wait to grab my copy and get started.  Grab your own copy and we’ll start reading.  I”ll post about it after Thanksgiving/the first week in December so we all have time to get going.  I can’t wait!  Who else is going to read it?


So there are my Friday Five favorites from the week….how has your week been?

What are some of your favorites?

Have you tried Lipsense?  What color should I try?

What’s your favorite coloring book? – I am thinking they would make great Christmas gifts!

Have you seen Trolls?

And last, but not least – grab a copy of The Storyteller – and let me know what you think!  I can’t wait to get going on Book Club again!

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