If I could only buy ONE Black Friday Deal….

November 22, 2016

Back in 2008 our little family moved from Iowa to Washington state not too far from my parents while my husband did some rotations for school.  And then after he graduated we stayed in Washington for 3 more years during residency.  We loved living close to my parents during those years.  And I loved spending time with my mom.  Black Friday became one of our things!

So for me, it’s never been about the deals, it’s been more about going out with my mom (or maybe my sister this year) and having a fun morning out.  We do score some deals, but we usually have a lot more fun walking around, going to breakfast and just spending time together.

That being said – there are some really good deals that you can get on Black Friday!  I love shopping online, and when I say that I should really say – I love shopping online on AMAZON – so today I wanted to share one of my favorite deals that will be all over Amazon this year….

The Kindle Fire

If you know our family, or have followed me for a while, you know how much we LOVE our Kindle Fires!  When we finally moved from Washington to Utah, we had some very gracious neighbors show up to help us move in.  I was pregnant, so I did a lot of standing around and pointing where I wanted things.  And one (very nice) guy (after probably his 5th or 6th box of books) turned to me and said “You know there is a thing called a kindle”  The poor guy….he was moving all my books.  But he did have a point and it got me thinking.  A few months later we got our first Kindle Fire and we have been hooked every since.  I read book after book on my kindle and carry it with me everywhere I go.

Okay – I’ll admit it, my kids do spend a fair share of time on their kindles playing games.  Minecraft, Pixel Gun, and Crossy Roads.  BUT, I love that we do have access to some great books for them too.  My older boys love listening to audio books at bedtime.  It’s so easy to turn on their books, set a timer and turn off their lights. My 7 year old girl has been having a hard time falling alseep lately, and then wakes up super grumpy in the morning.  She has to share a room with her little siblings, so she is always saying how unfair it is that she can’t listen to a book like her brothers.  So this week she’s been listening to an audio book with headphones and finally loves it!  She falls asleep better and wakes up happier!  Such a win for everyone!

Anyway – I think you get my drift.  We love Kindle Fires around here.

Well, Black Friday is one of the best times to grab yourself one (or two or three) of these easy tablets.  The prices are such a steal compared to the first one that I bought.  And really – with prices like these – it’s easy to see why we have so many of these tablets around our house!  They are the best deal you can get!

This week you can grab one of the Kindle Fire Kids Edition $25 percent off.  If you have a child in your home under 8, this is the Kindle I would recommend starting out with.  I fact, I know my four year old would LOVE this version (she currently has to beg, borrow or steal from anyone else in the house that will share with her).

Have older kids, or want one for yourself, or the reader in your life? I would recommend this AMAZING deal on the Fire HD8.  This is the one that I have.  The screen is just the right size and perfect for reading, or watching shows while I am running on the treadmill.

If you are just wanting a reader, then don’t fear.  You are not alone.  The Kindle has a good price too!

The best deal I’ve ever seen…really, and the best way to get into a Kindle, if you are just wanting a basic one, is this price:  You can’t go wrong with $33!!!


Shop Amazon Devices – Fire tablet only $33.33

Now….if you have a serious reader in your life, or you, yourself are one.  then I have one more suggestion.  Kindle Unlimited. It’s no secret that I read a lot, so Kindle Unlimited has been well worth the money for me, and I have found a lot of books that I can enjoy reading for free with it.  Now, do I still buy books?  Yes.  The system isn’t perfect and not every book that I want is on Unlimited.  But a majority are.  Plus, I love the freedom it gives me. Just this week I wanted to learn a little bit more about Essential Oils, so I went on Amazon, searched for some books that had great reviews and were Unlimited and downloaded a few to try.  If I hate them, it didn’t cost me anything. If I find a gem…SCORE!

You can try Unlimited free for 30 days by clicking the box below. Or gift this to the reader on your list!

And last, but not least…probably my all time favorite Amazon services is hands down, and maybe this isn’t related to the Kindle Fire, but seriously, my favorite item out there besides it…Amazon Prime.  My husband LOVES to tease me about my Prime membership and how often the UPS man visits our front porch, but guys, it is totally worth it. (just as I was writing this the truck showed up!) I am SO spoiled and now that I am used to it, I hate paying shipping and waiting for packages when they take longer than 2 days.  And while he loves to tease me, he too uses my account!  (My father in law has as well!) They all know they can come to me when they need to do online shopping and I can find them the best deal.

The gift of Prime would be an amazing gift – not just for the reader in your life, but anyone who shops online.  I think it’s perfect for busy families, because it saves me a lot of time.  Just click on the box below and find out more!

So there you have it…two of our absolute favorite Amazon deals to watch for this week.  Leave me a comment and let me know – do you have a tablet? What is your favorite?  Do your kids have one?  Are you a Prime member?  I would love to know your hands-down-favorite gift suggestion for the year!

And who’s excited for some pie!?

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