Weekend Wrap Up

November 28, 2016

Did you have a good Thanksgiving?  Mine was full of family and food! We didn’t do a lot of shopping, online is just the way to go anymore!  But the big presents are bought and we are almost done with what we need for the kids.  Phew – I love that feeling and it’s not even December 1st!

Thanksgiving morning my neighbor, sister, and her husband all ran the Human Race 10K.  We’ve done it in years past.  It’s a good distance – not too long, not too short – and just enough so you can eat that extra pie and not feel guilty! The weather was a little chilly, but once we got going it was a perfect temperature.  My husband has taken up frying his turkey. And we are hooked!  Have you tried fried turkey?  It is SO good!  This year he was outside all morning long – he fried one for a friend, one for us, and one for his dad.

Friday the my husband took the older kids to see Fantastic Beasts…they all came home and said it is SO good!  Now I can’t wait for my turn!  Movies have always been a tradition over our Thanksgiving holiday.  Did you watch any good movies over Thanksgiving?

Saturday was day 2 of the Holiday running streak.  Are you playing along with me?  Just run or walk at least one mile every day between now and January 2nd.  Easy-peasy.  Saturday I ran 10 miles on the treadmill while watching Gilmore Girls….LOVE them!  I haven’t seen the last one, my sister and I are going to watch it together next weekend.

Sunday for the running streak I walked one mile.  Easy. It’s good to have some days I know I can walk.  Plus, I found out if I make the text larger on on my kindle, I can walk on the treadmill and read at the same time! Score!  My friend who has done the whole 30 showed me this idea – a post it note for every day.  I have this on my running wall, right next to my treadmill.  You could take one down for each day done – but I am writing my mileage on each one.  It’s super motivational!

Overall the holiday weekend was relaxing and just right.  We ended Sunday night with some homemade soup and bread…which leads me to…book club!


Are you reading The Storyteller for Book Club?  Have you got your copy yet?  I’ve been reading and I am having a hard time putting it down.  How does Friday sound for our first discussion?  I will do a live video on Facebook Friday morning (around 10am MST) and post about the first 1/3 of the book.  I would love to hear your thoughts too and know if you are reading along!

If you haven’t got your copy, it’s not too late to grab one from Amazon and start reading before Friday.  Click here to grab your own copy.

How did your weekend go?  See any good movies? Did you watch Gilmore Girls? Or read any good books?  I would love to know!

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