Weekly Wrap Up

January 9, 2017

I can’t believe that it’s already Monday again.  I secretly kinda love Monday mornings.  I love starting new and fresh each week. Today marks the first day of two 15 day challenges that I’m doing and I’m super excited (and nervous) to kick them off.  I’m doing a 15 Day Fit Body Challenge and I’m doing Crystal Paine’s 15 Days to a Healthier You. More on that a little later…

What I’ve been reading lately?

I am taking it a lot slower this year with my reading.  I am not going to stress about trying to make 100 books.  Instead I am shooting for 52.  Last week I started to read The Impact Equation, a nonfiction book. I heard about it on a podcast and I am really excited to continue reading it. But I haven’t had a lot of time to read it. Is this completely quirky of me?  I like to read fiction when I am going to bed, and nonfiction in the morning or during the day.  I feel like nonfiction is more “studying” and not the best bedtime material.

The last couple days I have really been savoring The Girl in the Gatehouse by Julie Klassen,  Klassen has a lot of books, and I’ve read some, but not all.  They are always safe reads for me – something that I know I’ll enjoy.

Last week I didn’t run at all. GASP!!!  I tried to do yoga every day.  I must be doing something wrong, because I really didn’t love it and most people I talk to say that they LOVE yoga.  I just missed my running.  I missed pounding it out on the treadmill (because last week we had negative temperatures and there was no way I was going to venture outside.) I was talking to a good friend about this yesterday and she agreed.  She said running was like her anger management.  And I TOTALLY agree!  I need it.

Today I did my 15 Day Fit Body workout and loved it, but then I hoped on the treadmill for a quick one mile.  It wasn’t much, but it sure felt good finishing at least one mile.

Tonight is our first live chat in the 15 Days to a Healthier You group and I can’t wait to get started.  I have loved all of Crystal’s classes. I can’t wait to share with you my thoughts about this class as I get more involved with it.  My goal for both of these challenges isn’t to lose a lot of weight – but to get a better perspective on my health. It’s not secret –  I have a serious chocolate and diet coke/diet dr pepper problem. I don’t think either of those are competently bad for me but I need to have some more balance and control.  That is what I hope to gain from both of these classes.  Any extra pounds I lose would just be a bonus!

Today I was listening to one of my awesome team leaders in Rodan and Fields teach us about goals.  She mentioned that most people already have made goals and already dropped them by now!  It’s only January 9th!  I have goals and plans for this year.  I can’t drop them now!

Here’s to a healthier, happier, more balanced 2017!



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