January in the Books

February 1, 2017

Well, it’s February!  January was what I like to refer to as my month of non-commitment.  I started so many great books in January, and I’m really not sure what my problem was, but I was only able to finish one of them!  I feel so LAME for this, but at the same time I am scaling back and trying to work on balance this year.  I don’t need to read 10 books a month.  I read one and I started many more good ones.

Let’s start with the one book that I did finish:

The Girl in the Gatehouse, by Julie Klassen.  I enjoyed this book – I usually am able to read Klassens books fairly fast and for the most part enjoy them. There has been one that I can think of that I haven’t been able to finish, but the majority of the time when I pick up a book by Klassen, I know I will like it and be able to finish it. She tells nice clean historical romance stories without too much romance and without being so clean that the book seems to lose substance too.  I was drawn to this book because I loved the sound of the main character, Mariah.  She is a budding author, but because of the time period, she writes under a pen name. I recommend this book if you love historical romance.   I felt the character were well developed and there were many stories weaved together well.

Books I didn’t finish:

I use that as a sub heading – but it’s not because these books lacked interest, or that they weren’t good books.  It was just me and my mood this month!  In fact many of these books I know are awesome and I can’t wait to get around to finishing them!

Dragonwatch, by Brandon Mull.  My family is SO excited for this book!  I received an advanced copy of this book in exchange for a review and the only reason that I haven’t finished it yet is that I am SAVORING it –  which is so hard to do, but I love being back in Seth and Kendra’s world.  Brandon Mull is such a fun author and he is magical with words and creating stories.  There are some new characters in this new book as well as some returning loved characters too.  I can’t wait to finish it and post my review this month.  The release date for this book is set for March.  My husband and kids are currently re-reading all of the Fablehaven series in preparation.

Finding Spiritual Whitespace, by Bonnie Gray.  This book came recommended by blogger, Crystal Paine and usually her books that she recommends are spot on for me.  But this one is just so-so. Crystal read it during her year of “rest” and this book claims it will help you find space to have God in your life if you are having a hard time balancing it all.  It’s interesting and I find useful information in it, but it just isn’t what I was looking for. I felt it just wasn’t there for me. Amazon recommends Univited if you like this book – and I read that in December and wasn’t a HUGE fan over that book either.  But I am looking forward to reading Wild and Free, because a good friend recommends it and blogger that I love too.

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  I started this book and I absolutely LOVE it. I got about halfway through and realized that I really just wanted a copy of my own to read and mark up. I was reading a library copy and sticking post it notes on all sorts of pages and taking pictures of quotes, but in this case I really thought adding this book to my library would be a good choice.  So I went to Amazon and grabbed a used, but in good condition book.  It took FOREVER to get here, it actually got here today!  I’ve already returned my library copy, so now I can re-read the first half and really dig in!


The Impact Equation, by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith.  I’ve read at this book – but not finished it, if that makes sense. It’s a little bit more scientific and like a study than I would love, but it does have some good ideas that I like.  I just need to make time to sit down and finish it.

And last, but not least, the book I’m currently reading right now:

Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg

The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. This book was recommended by one of my leaders in Rodan and Fields and a girl that I really look up too.  She says this book and this concept has really made an impact on her life, so I knew I had to read it.  I really love the concept.  Basically it’s the little things that make up the difference!  There is also a teen version of the book and I’ve listened to the audio version of the teen one.  I think it’s got some great ideas that my anyone – kids or adults could really apply and benefit from in life.  I’m about halfway through this book and will hopefully share a full review in February.


What did you read in January?  Leave me a comment and let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts and any book suggestions that you have!

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