Naps, Blisters and Hydration….

August 10, 2017

Let me start by saying: I’m not an expert. Heck – I haven’t even RAN my race yet.  If I were to give you my qualifications so far we have: I’ve been running for about 4 years, I’ve run 10 half marathons, a handful of other races, and I write a blog.  (and I don’t even really do that last one very well either, I might add!)

I don’t really know what I’m talking about when it comes to marathon training, but I can tell you two things without a doubt:  Marathon training has me TIRED and HUNGRY.  Pretty much all the time.

I only have 30 days left until race day.  30!

I’m tired.  And I’m hungry, but let’s face it – I was hungry before I started running.  That was one of the main reasons I started running in the first place.

But what else have I learned so far?  Here are some of my random training thoughts:

It’s a good thing to be married to a podiatrist

I realize this is silly  -but I have to give my husband a huge shout out for all the help he has been during this training.  It has been super helpful to have someone I know I can talk to  (and complain too) when my feet hurt.  Someone who will take time on his lunch break to take a look at my feet.  He’s taken care of my blisters.  And taped my ankles.  And made sure strange bruising wasn’t really a stress fracture. And taken x-rays. And told me to wear compression socks and suggested that I make the switch over to custom orthotics  and that has made a world of difference. He’s been great. He isn’t a runner and doesn’t get it.  But he knows feet.

Plus, there’s the fact he’s been prepping the kids and telling them that we will need to carry mommy around the weekend of my race and get her anything she wants when she is done.



I kinda knew going into this time would be a huge deal. That is one of the reasons I haven’t signed up for a full in the past.  But I had no idea just how much time it would really take!  I feel so bad because running sucks out so much time of our summer schedule! I get up super early on the weekend, but during the week I work a part time job early in the morning so I have to run during the day.  Although, honestly, my kids have never complained about HAVING to playing video games while mom runs on the treadmill.


If you know me, you know how much I LOVE my Diet Coke. (I know it’s not good for me blah, blah blah…) But I have realized this summer is just how much water my body really needs and how important it is. Hydrating is SO important.  I’ve been making myself drink a gallon of water each day -and I just reward myself with a super big FOUNTAIN Diet Coke when I’m done. 🙂 On days prior to a long run I add Gatorade to the mix. blah. But I’ve learned that I have to drink even when I’m not thirsty. Here’s my little story:

A few weeks ago I set out on my 15 mile run and I had stops set up along the way that included drinking fountains.  I didn’t want to run with my little hydration bottle…besides, I had a plan. I ran 5 miles, stopped back at home for a drink.  Then  I stopped at a very popular city park at mile 10 for a drink/bathroom/gu break. A city worker was spraying out and cleaning one pavilion that includes a drinking fountain, so I tried 3 other drinking fountains in the park with NO success. At this point, I could turn around and walk back to the original pavilion, ask the worker to stop spraying – get a drink, or keep running.  So I decided to suck it up and keep running. Did I mention it was SUPER hot that day?  Like crazy hot.

Poor choice on my part. I felt fine the rest of my run, but a few hours later I got the worst migraine and was sick the rest of the day. My husband was gone, so my boys thought it would be awesome and funny to take care of me AND post pictures of me on their instagram?! (They did do an awesome job taking care of me though! So I’ll forgive them.)

Moral of the story: I ordered a running hydration belt the next day, wore it on my next long run and learned the hard way that it will rub your back (see below). I still run by parks with water fountains and I vow that I will never skip hydrating on a long run again.



And a last but not least…

The moment when you show your husband the map of where you ran and he wants to know if there is anyplace you didn’t run this morning….

or that moment when you feel you’ve exhausted every good movie on Netflix AND Amazon that will hold your attention while running on the deadmill….

Image result for netflix marathon

or that moment this happens…. (I love and hate you running hydration belt)

Image result for marathon funny meme


but then there’s that moment you get to cross off one more line on the training plan… more week done!

I’ve still got 30 more days of training.  And a dreaded 20 mile run next week that I’m afraid might kill me.  But it’s kinda too late to turn back now. Because despite being hungry, tired, having blisters, chafing, heat stroke and nothing left to watch on Netflix….there’s also that moment that my little girl tells me she wants to wear her “running” shirt because….

“I’m a strong runner like you mommy!”

And I can’t let her down.


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