Book Review: Havencross

September 26, 2017

Julie Daines
240 pages
Library and Kindle Edition

From the Publisher:   When a shocking scandal involving her father spreads through London society, Elaine Cardinham and her parents are forced to retreat to their country home in Cornwall for refuge. But Havencross is no sanctuary for Elaine. She is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of her brother—and the heartbreak she left in her wake all those years ago. It has been five long years since Gareth Kemp last saw Elaine—when she rejected his marriage proposal. Her reappearance convinces him of one thing: he has never stopped loving her. To put his feelings for her aside, he focuses his attention on the dangerous smuggling plaguing the Cornish coast. As Elaine attempts to run from her past, she ventures ever closer to a dangerous truth—and Gareth may be the only one who can save her from a deadly finish.


Do you have that friend that you have the same taste in books with that you are always trading with?  I hope you do!  I totally have a friend like this and it makes me laugh, because we usually trade books as we are walking into the chapel on Sunday.  She will slip a book to me like we are passing notes back in high school.  She slipped this book to me on Sunday and I was so excited, because it’s been on my list since it came out!

I really enjoyed Havencross.  There was more to this book than meets the eye! It had a great mixtures of action, mystery, suspense and romance for me.  Plus, it really had some great life lesson type points that were just what I needed to read this week.  There was an underlying theme of learning to be happy with your circumstances, no matter what challenges you face. This was just the reminder and message I needed this week.

Daines did a great job creating the characters and developing them.  I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between Gareth and Elaine. Gareth was teasing and joking even in the worst of times, which made me laugh.  I wanted to hit Elaine’s mother and father over their heads a few times – but they did come through in the end, and that made me happy.  I would love to read another story about her Aunt and more about her story.

I’ve read Willowkeep and Eleanor and the Iron King by Daines and enjoyed all three.  If you enjoy clean regency romance books – Daines is a great author to pick up.  Her stories always have a little bit more to them than meets the eye.  Havencross was a page turner for me, I could not put it down.

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