My Top 3 Favorite Black Friday Deals!

November 22, 2017

Who loves Black Friday? For years I loved the tradition of going out early with my mom and braving the crowds. But times are changing, I find my black Friday habits changing to more and more online shopping. If you are like me and looking for a good deal this weekend, I wanted to share my top three with you that I am totally jumping on and grabbing for myself and my family!

Kindle Fires!  These are my favorite little devices for kids.  They are so versatile, (books, audible, videos, games!)and the prices just keep getting better and better!  A few years ago we got our oldest one for Christmas.  His brother loved it so much that he saved and saved his money to buy his own kindle.  But now both boys laugh about how much they spent on their tablets.  Because you can get them next to nothing on Black Friday!  Four out of five our our kids have them, we just hadn’t seen the need to get our littlest one yet, but now she is always trying to steal dad’s ipad away!  She really only plays kids games and apps, so I am totally going to grab one of the Kids Editions for her this year as her big gift. I think the kids edition will be the right level for her and I know she will be SO excited to finally have one like the big kids.


Do your kids have tablets?  Have you tried the kids edition one?  Of course Amazon has amazing deals this weekend, click here, or on the picture above to get the sale price!

One other amazing deal out there this weekend that I am SO excited about is that blogger Crystal Paine is offering Black Friday Sales on all her courses!  I love this for SO many reasons  – here are my top 3!

  1. I find her classes helpful, they are real and just the right speed for me.  She always offers realistic advice
  2. She already offers them at AMAZING prices, so when they go on sale, they are really a deal you can’t refuse! Seriously – I’ve taken some class -and seen many offered that are ridiculously priced – like you need payment plans, kinda prices.  And they haven’t been half the content value either!
  3. I’ve been working through the Healthier You class this past week and now I want to go back through some of her other classes, which leads me to this point:  buy them once and you’re good to go!  You have the content and can work through them as many times as you want!

It’s super easy – just scroll down and see all the classes offered and click on the image for more info….

And last – but not least -the last deal I want to share with you is actually a Cyber Monday deal!  My Rodan + Fields team is putting together a Stay in Bed and Shop Cyber Monday event!  I am SO excited for the deals that are going to be offered.  I have fallen in LOVE with their skincare, it has been the only product that worked on my adult hormonal acne and I can’t believe what Lash Boost has done for my lashes.  If you are interested let me know – I only have a certain number of invites to this exclusive event.

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So – what are your favorite Black Friday deals you look for each year?  Do you love heading out with the crowds or staying home and shopping online?  Drop me a comment and let me know what you are looking for this year!


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