What I’ve Been Reading: January

January 30, 2018

Hello Again Strangers!

Oh, how I didn’t mean to leave my blog hanging for that long.  I really have been meaning to blog more often, if you could see my daily to-do list you could see it has been listed every day for about a month or so….but you know, life just happens. I could try to catch up, or I can just jump back in a move forward….so I’m going to do a little of both!

I’ve set my reading goal for 2018, and hope to share that with you in a separate post soon.  But today I want to share a couple great books that I’ve read this month.  So far my book count for the month is 11 – so it’s totally hard for me to pick which ones I want to share with you first!  Since a few are new releases so I know you will want to add these to your reading list soon, so I’m starting with those.

Love and Loss at Whitmore Manor by [Stansfield, Anita]

Love and Loss at Whitmore Manor, by Anita Sansfield

This is Anita Stansfield’s newest book and she is always a go-to for me.  I have loved her regency period books that she is releasing lately.  This wasn’t my favorite out of her books, but was still a sweet read.  I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars. Despite mystery and action involved in the plot line I found myself skimming at parts.

For Castle and Crown by [Bessey, Sian Ann]

For Castle and Crown, by Sian Ann Bessey

This is my second book by Sian Ann Bessey that I’ve read and I am glad I picked it up because I enjoyed it much more than the first book I read by her.  This one was full of rich history.  If you enjoy medieval time period and a clean book (sometimes I feel the two don’t always mix well) this would be a good option for you.  There is a bit of mystery and action and I felt it was a pretty good page turner that I couldn’t put down.

Check Me Out (Proper Romance Contemporary) by [Wilhite, Becca]

Check Me Out, Becca Wilhite

Becca Wilhite is new to me – and I loved this spunky contemporary novel by her!  This is a new release so look for it to hit the shelves next week.  I was given an advanced copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  I mostly was drawn to it because it was a new  release in the Proper Romance series, but also because it was about libraries and books!  The characters were so funny and I seriously laughed out loud at times.  I loved the additions of tee shirt slogans from Mac, but Will was my favorite by far.  If you enjoy a clean romance, or have followed the Proper Romance books at all I highly suggest “checking this book out” (see what I did there?)

Hello Mornings, Kat Lee

I love mixing non fiction in with my fiction books.  I cannot read two fiction books at the same time – the stories get all mixed up, but I totally can read a fiction and non fiction book at the same time!  I have followed Kat Lee and her blog and podcast for the last couple years so I was really intrigued to read her new book.  I also LOVE mornings and just re-read The Latter Day Morning, by Marc Barcera.  I am a huge believer in a morning routine.  That doesn’t mean that I always do it…..I just know that I should.  Lee’s book is pretty easy to follow and she has set up a simple morning routine that is so easy to follow.  God, Plan, Move.  That’s it.  I have tried to implement some of the book suggestions into my morning routine this month.  I keep my phone lock screen as a scripture so I can read it, and study it first thing – and make sure I read it before I even open my phone.  This has really made a difference for me.  If you are struggling to keep a good morning routine, or looking for new ideas I suggest this book, or following her podcast and online community.

Share with me in comments if you have read any of these – or share what you have been reading!

I hope to blog more soon!

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