2015 Book List

Books I’ve read in 2015 – listed in order of when I read them:

(* mark a few of my favorites!) 


1. Hattie Big Sky, Kirby Larson
2. Living Well, Spending Less, Ruth Soukup*
3. Hattie Ever After, Kirby Larson
4. The Giver, Lois Lowry
5. Habits of Happiness, Wendy Ulrich
6. Angels to Bear You Up, Judy C. Olsen

7. Memoirs of an Imaginary Friend, Matthew Dicks
8. Lighten Up!  Finding Real Joy in Life, Chieko Okazaki
9. Tales from Another Mother Runner, Dimity McDowell  & Sarah Bowen Shea
10. The Crystal Locket, Julia Lawrence
11. The Fringe Hours, Jessica N. Turner*

12. Princess Academy, The Forgotten Sisters, Shannon Hale*
13. The Crystal Locket, Secrets of the Hidden Pyramids, Julia Lawrence
14. How She Does It, Anne Bogel
15. Celebrating a Christ Centered Easter, Emily Belle Freeman
16. The Peacegiver, James L. Ferrell
17. A Heart Revealed, Josi Kilpack*
18. 400 Calories or Less with Our Best Bites, Sara Wells and Kate Jones
19. Worlds Aligned, Gregory Felix
20. Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince, Jennifer Moore
21. Atlantia, Ally Condie
22. Run Less, Run Faster, Bill Pierce, Scott Murr, Ray Moss
23. Undone, Michele Cushatt
24. The American Heiress, Daisy Goodwin
25. I Can Do Hard Things With God, Ganel-Lyn Condie
26. Train Like A Mother, Dimity McDowell & Sarah Bowen Shea

27. Skinny Habits, Bob Harper
28. Lean Habits for Lifelong Weight Loss, Georgie Fear
29. Centsible Meals, Lorea Bowden
30. Fat Girl, Susan, Bodiker
31. Mary, Martha and Me,  Camille Fronk Olson

32. The House at Riverton, Kate Morton
33. The Art of Work, Jeff Goins
34. What Keeps You Up At Night, Pete Wilson
35. Janitors, Secrets of New Forest Academy, Tyler Whitesides
36. Dressing Your Truth, Discover Your Type of Beauty, Carol Tuttle

37. An Elaborate Hoax, Shirley Marks
38. Calling Me Home, Julie Kibler
39. The Moms’ Club Diaries, Allyson Condie & Lindsay Hepworth
40. Castle Hangnail, Ursula Vernon
41. The Master Magician, Charlie Holmberg*
42. Hope Was Here, Joan Bauer
43. Saving Marilee, Annette K. Larsen
44. 21 Days to a More Disciplined Life, Crystal Paine*
45. The Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod*
46. Les Miserables: Children’s Edition, Matthew Larsen

47. Loser, Jerry Spinelli
48. Smart Women Know When to Say No, Dr. Kevin Leman
49. Time Management Mama, Sarah Korhnak, Beth Schwanberger*
50. The Better Life, Claire Diaz-Ortiz
51. Hope Runs, Claire Diaz-Ortiz
52. Gentleman of Her Dreams, Jen Turano
53. Blackberry Crumble, Josi Kilpack
54. Pumpkin Roll, Josi Kilpack
55. Banana Split, Josi Kilpack
56. Tres Leches Cupcake, Josi Kilpack
57. Baked Alaska, Josi Kilpack
58. Rocky Road, Josi Kilpack
59. Fortune Cookie, Josi Kilpack
60. Wedding Cake, Josi Kilpack

61. The Curiosity Keeper, Sarah E. Ladd*
62. Getting the Pretty Back, Molly Ringwald
63. The Princess in Black, Shannon Hale
64. Goosebumps, Deep Trouble, R. L. Stine

65. Love Life and See Good Days, Emily Freeman
66. When Calls the Heart, Janette Oke
67. Mama Needs a Do-Over, Lisa Pennington
68. Hands Free Life, Rachel Stafford*
69. The Body Book, Cameron Diaz
70. How Not to Look Old, Charla Krupp
71. Get Positively Beautiful, Charmindy
72. Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life, George Brescia
73. The T-Shirts and Jeans Handbook, Suze Solari, Michele Bura
74. Body Image Breakthrough, Jaci Wightman
75. Simply Anna, Jennifer Moore
76. Janitors, Curse of the Broomstaff, Tyler Whitesides
77. Janitors, Strike of the Sweepers, Tyler Whitesides
78. Good Pictures, Bad Pictures. Kristan Jensen, Debbie Fox, Gail Poyner*

79. Just Show Up, Kara Tippetts, Jill Lynn Buteyn*
80. Lord Fenton’s Folly, Josi Killpack*
81. Dear Mr. Knightly, Katherine Reay*
82. Followed by Frost, Charlie Holmberg*
​83. Sarah’s Key, Tatinana de Rosnay*
84. 101 Family Meal Time Devotions, Greg Johnson
85. The Caretakers Guide to Fablehaven, Brandon Mull
86. Eleanor and the Iron King, Julie Daines
87. All Hallows’ Eve, Timeless Romance Anthology
88. Money Making Mom, Cyrstal Paine*

89. The Benefits are Real, but the Struggle is Real(er), Brittany Smart
90. Out of my Mind, Sharon M. Draper
91. I Used to Be So Organized, Glynnis Whitwer
92. Heir to Edenbrooke, Julianne Donaldson*
93. Toward the Sunrise, Elizabeth Camden*
94. An Unexpected Proposal, Annette Lyon

95. Power of the Matchmaker, Karey White*
96. Christmas Wonders, Robyn Buttars
97. Home and Away a WWII Christmas Story, Dean Hughes*
98. Once Upon a Christmas, ​Rosanne Croft, Linda Reinhardt, Sharon Bernash Smith
99. The 12 Brides of Christmas Collection,
Mary Connealy, Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, Margaret Brownley,  Amanda Cabot, Susan Page Davis, Miralee Ferrell, Pam Hillman, Maureen Lang, , Amy Lillard, Vickie McDonough,  Davalynn Spencer, Michelle Ule
100. Under the Mistletoe Collection, A Timeless Romance Anthology
Cindy Roland Anderson, Annette Lyon, Julie Coulter Bellon, Sarah M. Eden, Heather B. Moore, Jennifer Griffith
101.Sarah M. Eden British Isles Collection, Sarah M. Eden
102. The Latter-day Morning, Mark Bacera
103. Rising Strong, Brene Brown
104. A Girl on a Train, Paula Hawkins
105. Your Real Food Journey, Trina Holden
106. Until the Dawn, Elizabeth Camden
107. Jane and Lizzy, Katherine Reay
​108. My Fringe Hours, Jessica Turner
109. Own Your Life, Sally Clarkson
110. Darcy At Last, Jane Grix
111. Much Ado About Darcy, Jane Grix
112. What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, Laura Vanderkam
113. How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul, Ruth Soukup
114. The Readers of Broken Wheel Recommend, Katarina Bivald