About Me

I lifamily pictureske to do a little bit of everything.
I have five kids.
I love a good book.
I take pictures from my iphone.
I am a want-to-be runner who loves chocolate and diet coke a little too much.
I don’t often spell check my posts.
Oh, and I love to make lists.

In June 2007 a little blogspot was born.  My Reading Spot.  I loved reading and sharing what I was reading.  My husband was a busy-busy medical student and I was a stay home mom to two little boys with extra time on my hands.  My little blog had ups and downs and had a good run.  I did some author interviews.  I received free books for reviews.  I even was quoted on the back of a book once!

Then life happened.
3 more kids.  My husband entered residency.  Many hours and hours of hard work.  And I let life get in the way of my little Reading Spot.

Fast forward 9 years:

We are now a family of 7.  We currently live with my father in law while we build our medical practice, so I always just answer that there are 8 in our family.  It’s a nice even number 🙂   I work for my husband and have another part time job, not including the time I run kids from one activity to another. I’m not afraid of hard work.

I get creative and find time to read between it all.

A couple years ago on of my sisters got me hooked on running.  Honestly, I just wanted to lose the 20 pounds I had put on since baby number five.   When I started I couldn’t run an entire mile without stopping to walk.   I just would tell myself over and over, I can do hard things.  Last year I made a goal to run 4 half marathons and I finished them all! Ironically the pounds have stayed.  I’m not sure I’ll every drop them, but I AM stronger.

I am not fast.  I am not an expert.  But I am a runner.  I have my eyes set on 4 more half marathons this year.

For the past two years I have set the goal to read and blog about 100 books.  In 2014 I read 106 books.  In 2015 I read 114.  I am shooting for at least another 100 this year.  I am also challenging to reading 16 in 16.  You can read more about that challenge here.

I am a Mormon.  I am Christian. I like a good clean book.  I am not afraid to put a book down if I don’t like it.

I read.
I run.
I blog.

I’m excited for this new adventure.