Weekend Wrap Up

February 9, 2015

My goal is to make sure I get a long run in (at least 8 miles) every weekend.  I don’t have to start training for my next half marathon for a couple more weeks, but I want to be comfortable around 8 miles.  

The last three weekends, thanks to my husbands schedule or him being gone, I’ve had to run my long run on the treadmill.  Which can be good and bad.  6 months ago I was debating weather or not to even buy a treadmill, but then a friend was selling hers for a really good price so I decided to do it.  It was that or join the gym for the winter.   The thought of being just down the hall from the kids and never having to leave my house sold me.  The first couple miles and runs on the treadmill were brutal.  I’m going to be honest.  So boring.  But I’ve actually really started to not mind a treadmill run too much.

Saturday I ran 8.5 miles at a 10.56 average pace.  I usually shoot for a 4 mile run and then give myself a walking break (potty break if I need it) and drink some water and eat a fig newton snack or gu.  Then I hit it again for another 4.  I have to break it up in my mind or else the whole tasks seems daunting.  My hips started to hurt around mile 7.  I had to alternate going slower and then faster for a couple laps but I was determined to make it to 8.5.  I’ve read a lot of articles recently (did you see the last edition of Runner’s World?) about strengthening hips and running and hope some new stretches and exercises will really help.

During the week, I’ve found I really love listening to musics or audio books if I am running 3 miles or shorter. They are good for a short run, but I really need a show for much longer than 30 minutes. The only thing that gets me through a longer run is that I have a couple shows I really love to watch.  My favorite shows for a 4-5 mile run are: Downton Abbey, Grantchester and Hart of Dixie.  I watch Downton on Monday mornings during my 5 mile run.  I watch Grantchester and Hart of Dixie on Saturdays on my longer runs.  I just finished watching all the seasons of Parenthood, although I have to admit, there was one season where it hit way to close to home and I was crying and running at the same time, (bad combo) so I ended up finishing that whole season at night. Once I got past that season it was a great show to run too.  I found Grantcheser, which is a Masterpiece Theater show a little bit by accident the other day and I have absolutely loved it!   If you like Downtown and the BBC Sherlock  you should try it.  

My husband had a conference Thursday-Saturday last week and he was kinda out of town (the conference was just an hour away, so he would come home late every night and leave early every morning). It felt a little bit like residency hours all over again for me, but I think the best news he told me all week was that he would be able to stay home for a couple hours Saturday morning so I could run at 6 instead of 4am (like I’d done the last two Saturdays).  So after my run he headed out to work and I decided we really needed out of the house.  We picked up my niece, who stands in as my fake 6th child, and enjoyed the morning at the dinosaur museum.
I think one of my favorite things I did this weekend was finishing my race sign.  It ended up perfect!  I hung it up by the treadmill along with a clip board for my next training schedule.  The little space I have made me feel so happy this morning when I ran.

The weekend was good.  Sunday was full of church and family and food.

And counting the 5 miles I did this morning, I  have now logged 66 miles towards my 120 mile goal that I have until March 6th to finish.  

Looking forward to this week.  
Hopefully I can get outside and run too!

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