Book Review: Train Like A Mother

May 1, 2015


Train Like A Mother
Sarah Shea, Dimity McDowell
240 pages
kindle edition

From the Publisher:
Since the publication of their first book, Run Like a Mother, the authors have built up an engaged, vibrant tribe of women runners–more than 10,000 fans on Facebook and an average of 2,500 daily visitors to–who are clamoring for another book. At its core, Train Like a Mother will comprehensively cover how to train for a race, including training plans for four race distances (5K, 10K, half-marathon, and marathon) for both beginner and more experienced runners; the importance of recovery; pre- and post-race nutrition; strength training; injury prevention (and rehab); and everything busy women need to know to add racing to their multitasking schedules. It is all presented with the same wit, empathy, and tone the avid fans connect and identify with.

The book is divided into 13.1 chapters–the distance of a half-marathon, the sweet spot for many mother runners–narrated by both Sarah and Dimity. Like the first book, Train Like a Mother chapters have plenty of sidebars, including Practical Motherly Advice (helpful information about training- and race-related advice), Take It from a Mother (advice and answers from the growing tribe of running moms), and Racy Talk (entertaining, race-related stories from the authors and other moms). The .1 sections are entertaining “commercial breaks” celebrating the sport of running and the added thrill of racing. 

Well this is the only book that I haven’t read by Sarah Shea and Dimity McDowell, so I thought I better get with the program and read it too.

Oh course, this was a book that I really loved and enjoyed.  I always enjoy these books!  I am (kinda) training for two half marathons right now.  I have a schedule.  I am just not that great at following the schedule religiously.  I hope that I survive the summer and the races.  This book offers easy and advanced training schedules for 5K, 10K, half and full marathon.  I think that is super helpful.  It also has a lot of humor and real life…and discusses some women subjects about running that other books don’t even come to close to touching…and in such a funny way! This book is not boring!

I read this book on my kindle.  Actually, I’ve read all three of their books on my kindle.  And I think they would be fabulous in print, much better than kindle.  I hope to someday add the read hard copy editions of these books to my library!

If you are interested in running a race and want some advice about training, this is a great resource and book to start with.
Final score: (which should be no surprise!)

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