Weekend Wrap Up: 13

May 4, 2015

Just finished up a great weekend.  

Friday was the walk-a-thon at our school.  Just look at my girl go!  She’s a running girl, just like her momma! My second grader really wanted me to come, so we decided to go for it and hit everyone’s time slot.   (Not that my 5th grader really wanted me to come run with him, but he ran at the same time as the kindergarten so we got to see him anyway!)  My four year old was super excited to see Cosmo there.  He ran laps with both his brothers and his sister..and got trampled by a heard of 5th graders (which his big brother helped him escape).

I had planned on running with a friend Saturday, but the time we could go was that evening. I usually run in the morning, I run occasionally on the treadmill at home at night, but I’ve never done a long run at night.  She had a 10 mile on her training plan. So we planned on two loops, so we could grab some water and gu around mile five.
It was a fun run and we did it!  The sun was bright as it was setting, but then some clouds came out and it felt so great.  And we even had a tiny bit of rain.  We  walked a bit after we stopped recording but then on Sunday we talked about how we really could have ran that too and finished it off around running the full 11.  I was so proud of her!  It was the longest she had ever run and we had such a good time.  It’s so much better running with someone than alone!  We (okay,maybe just me) talked and talked and talked.  I also think our pace was pretty good, for how far we went.  
I was happy with the week summary.  
5 miles on Monday
Rode the bike on Tuesday
5 miles on Wednesday 
6 miles on Thursday and
10.63 on Saturday
26.6 miles total
And my month! I finally broke 100! (barely, but I did it!) The 144 total counts biking miles too, but when I log in to the app I can see the running miles without other workouts.  My running total was 102.8 miles!

May marks one year I’ve been running.
A year ago I couldn’t even run one mile.
I still have a lot to learn and a lot to improve.
But if I can do it, anyone can.

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