Friday Five

June 26, 2015

1. Race Packet Pick Up was today!  I am so excited.  Since 100 percent of the race fees go towards curing cancer, there were some great little extras today too…A sticker that we can write down who we are racing for.  (I wrote my awesome mother in law’s name down. She was such a great example and lost her battle with cancer a little over 2 years ago).  They had ribbons that we could tie to our bib, I picked one up for breast cancer (which my mother in law had) and colon cancer, which my dad had.  They also had some awesome tattoos that I grabbed for the kids that say “Cancer Sucks”.  ha!  They all agree.  

I love the shirts, and the 4 of the 5 kids are running tomorrow in a kid race too.  They are pretty excited and have cute shirts too!

2. Last year at the end of June I had finished 48 books towards my 100 books goal.  This year, I wasn’t sure I wanted to read 100 books again, so I set my goal for 52 books.  One book a week.  The end of June is next week and so far my book total for the year is already at 51.  (No, in case you were wondering, I haven’t posted about them all yet).  

So…should I re-set my goal?  Should I shoot for another 100?  Thoughts?

How many books have you read this year?

3.  A family friend just published a kindle book and I am so excited.  I’m posting about it next week, have an author interview and will have a giveaway…with two winners!  Check it out here…download it and read it. You could totally read it over the weekend and let me know your thoughts next week too!
4.  We took the kids to the rodeo last night.  They had a blast!  It’s been Round-Up Days all week and we’ve had a great time with the festivities. When we lived in Arkansas I loved the Pink Tomato Festival.  I still think of it every June.  I love little town festivals.

What is your favorite festival/days/small town celebration?

5.  I totally think this is awesome.  And think my husband could/should build me one.  I have no place to put it right now, but it still would be a pretty cool piece.  I love a good comfy chair to read in…

Where is your favorite place to read?

Happy Weekend!
It’s a race weekend!

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