Weekend Wrap Up: 17

June 1, 2015

It’s so nice when you have friends who will run with you.  It’s even better when you have friends who are crazy like you and when you say, “hey, we should go to the top of that mountain and run all the way down to our house.”   They say, “Sounds like fun, when should we go?”

Friday night my husband drove us all the way up and dropped us off.  He thinks we are a little crazy, but both my half marathons in a couple weeks are down hill. So this is good training. Ok…maybe we dropped the same elevation in 5 miles that we will drop in 13 for the half, but still, it was fun.  And I’ll be honest…just something I just think is cool to say that I’ve done.  We stopped for a running selfie after about 2 miles.  We climbed up on a subdivision rock sign to get this shot.  We like to run.  (And climb rock walls.)  We live way down by the lake in the distance.
10 miles.  5 straight downhill.  My trusty garmin watch says a 1841 ft elevation loss at a 9:42 min mile average pace. And I will not lie, my legs felt a little bit like jello at the end.  But it was SO fun.  And worth it.
My legs hurt a little Saturday, but we spent most of the afternoon sitting through the mantinee performance of Princess Academy at BYU so my legs could have a lot of time to recovery.  I’ve been looking forward to this play for so long.  I saw that Shannon Hale posted about it on her facebook page and I knew I would need to go.  It’s one of my favorite books and I thought the play was really well done.  There were a lot of younger girls there and I think they all enjoyed it too.  My husband did say it was a pretty good play, but when one of Miri’s goats started talking at the first of the play, he leaned over and whispered to me, “You didn’t tell me that goats talk in this book.  This is going to be a long afternoon”  Goats don’t talk in the book!  But it was a pretty funny character that added a lot to the play.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought it was really well casted.

If you live in Utah county (or close) and enjoyed this book you should see if you can make it to one of the play times.  It would be a perfect girls night.  I did enjoy the date time with my husband, but I think my little girl or my niece and sister would have had fun too.  I hope the play is successful and we see more from Shannon Hale books in the future!

I only ran 3 times last week. 
10 on Monday,
3.35 on Wednesday
10 on Friday

I’m looking forward to a a great week and running outside because school is out!

My first half marathon is in 12 days!

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