Friday Five

July 10, 2015

1. 10 mile run on Wednesday…and just look at this sunrise.  I love that it’s summer and schedules are busy, but relaxed at the same time.  A long run didn’t work for this weekend, so we could do it on Wednesday instead.  And no one can argue about the temperatures this week.  They are just beautiful!
2.  I’ve noticed that I tend to get a headache the days that I do a long run.  My theory is that I talk too much and don’t get enough oxygen. If you know me, you know this could totally be true. But my sister suggested that I’m not getting enough water.  If only Diet Coke counted for water…I would totally be okay.   I saw this idea on pinterest and I’m thinking of starting it.

Do you drink enough water?  How do you get enough?

3. We are busy this morning getting all our Friday house cleaning jobs done and packing up.  It’s a camping weekend!  My father in law has had this planned for such a long time. I’ve charged my kindle and have some “real” books for this weekend too.  Not sure how much reading I’ll get done, or running.  But I think there will be lots of fishing and Razor rides going on.  We all can’t wait!

This week:
5 miles Monday
2.5 run/walk Tuesday
10 miles Wednesday
Thursday off
and 2.5 mile walk and then 4 mile run this morning.

24 miles total for the week.

Have you run this week?  How much?
I love how easy the kindle is to pack, but real books are awesome too.  What do you prefer?

Have any fun weekend plans?
oops, I guess this is only Friday 3
Have a great weekend!

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