July 22, 2015


Today I finished a 12 book series. (“A Culinary Mystery” books by Josi Kilpack) I read 4 books in this series last year, but then I decided to pick it up again at the beginning of the month and I haven’t been able to put them down.  A couple weeks and eight books later, I finished them today.
(I’ll post my reviews, a couple a day, starting next week)

Of course, it really wasn’t that easy, finishing this book.  I woke up early this morning to read and I only had about 50 pages left (right at a good part!) when the kids woke up, all five needed something or another (like food…why do they always need food?) and I had to put the book down and get them going for the day.  Activities, chores, errands took precedents, when all I wanted to do was finish those last couple pages!

Series are interesting to me.  They consume me.  The people become so real.  
I was discussing books and writing last night with my husband.  And the pressure there must be involved.  Especially after your first book – and especially with a series.  It must be so hard to make a good series.  I think a trilogy would be a challenge, but still a little bit easier.  A series, 5,6,7 or 12 books.  It just amazes me the talent that must take!  I don’t think I could come up with that much story, that much detail.

I’ll admit, I didn’t love every single book in this 12 book series.  I had my favorites.  And I think that is like that with any series. For example, I LOVED Harry Potter, but there are still books I love more than others in that series.  But once I’m hooked into a good series, it usually takes a lot to make me put it down and walk away from the books for good.  I usually stick it out to the end, even when I’ve heard the last book isn’t as good, or a spoiler for what happens.  And if it’s a good series, one that I’ve loved and loved, I’ll admit, I tend to cry at the end.  It’s so sad to see those characters go.

It’s such a toss up for me, stand alone books versus series.  I really love them both. I love that a stand alone book can be read and wrapped up easily.  I love that it doesn’t take so much of a time commitment. Sometimes i just want a book I can pick up and finish and everything is tied up at the end. But I love that you get so much more character development in a series, you really get to grow and learn with the main characters.  If a series isn’t finished it can be so hard to wait for the next book to come out.  (As my kids, they are trying to learn patience as they wait for the 5th book in the Janitors series to be released…September 8th!) And on average, I’m not sure why, but I tend to re-read series more than stand alone books.

Some of my favorite series have been (in no certain order):
A Culinary Mystery, Josi Kilpack (Just finished these)
Harry Potter
The Work and the Glory
Children of Promise
Hearts of the Children
The Pemberly Chronicles

Longing for Home
Percy Jackson
The Hunger Games
The Great and Terrible Beauty
Princess Academy
Little House on the Prairie
Anne of Green Gables

 …and I know I’m probably missing so many more!

What are your favorite series?  
Do you prefer series or stand alone books?  

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