Book Review: Getting The Pretty Back

August 13, 2015


Getting the Pretty Back: Friendship, Family and Finding the Perfect Lipstick
Molly Ringwald
244 pages
hard copy edition

From the Publisher:
As the endearing and witty star of the beloved John Hughes “brat pack” classics Sixteen CandlesThe Breakfast Club, and Pretty in Pink, Molly Ringwald defined teenage angst, love, and heartbreak. Now a wife and mother of three, and a star on the current hit television drama The Secret Life of the American Teenager, Molly is facing a new angst-inducing time in her life—her fortieth birthday! Encouraging every woman to become “the sexiest, funniest, smartest, well dressed, and most confident woman that you can be,” Molly shares a lifetime of experience in a vibrant, fun, stylish, and sexy collection of intimate stories and candid advice: Getting the Pretty Back, a fully illustrated “girlfriend’s guide” to life.

Can I just say – books like this is why I love the library!  I found this book browsing one day and it just looked fun and interesting.  I’m not sure I would have run into it if it weren’t for the library. The book was full of interesting advice and ideas and super easy to pick up and read outside one afternoon while the kids ran around in the backyard.  I thought the graphics were cute and the book really was pretty to look at.


A list of calories you burn doing activities around the house – like chasing kids, cleaning, etc.

While not every single chapter really applied to me….I don’t really hold dinner parties, not the kind that she talks about in this book anyway….a dinner party I went to this week with friends had 16 kids 12 and under running around..let’s see how Molly would host that! And my fashion is far from the kind that she talks about….mine is pretty much jeans and boyfriend tee-shirts from Target.  However, I still say that even though some of the advice didn’t apply to me, I still thought the book was enjoyable.

Not sure why this picture looks warped…but I love the friend date ideas. I need to be better at having friend dates!

I think if you are a mom (or not) and love Molly Ringwald, if you enjoy nonfiction, or if you are browsing your library and see this book, it’s worth picking up and checking out.  

Final Score:

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