Weekend Wrap Up: 25

August 31, 2015

It was a 10 miler with a friend on Saturday.  Great way to start the day. I love that I can make all my steps and almost double my daily step goal all before 8am!  I did this route two weeks ago with my sister.  It’s a good challenging run.  The first two miles are all uphill.  It’s hard, but good to throw in something different for a change.  

I’m starting to realize that I probably need to throw in an 8 miler during the week too, because while I do pretty good running 10 every Saturday I start to tank pretty bad after 8. My hips are starting to hurt too, which means I need to start stretching and doing some more band exercises with them. I think making time during the week for at least one other longer run might help.

oh yeah…running right past a snake around mile 8.5 helped me get going too.

Do you make time to work out during the school year?  How do you fit it in?  Weekdays I work early, so I have to run with my little helper next to me, after getting the other 4 off to school, but a long run on the weekends usually means a pretty early alarm on Saturday.

I ended last week with some great totals:

Monday: 5
Tuesday: 4
Wednesday: 5
Thursday: 3
Friday: 3
Saturday: 10
Total Miles: 30!

I’m not sure I’ll get to 30 again this week, but I am at least hoping for 20.

Do you have any running goals this week?

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