Book Review: Love Life and See Good Days

September 1, 2015


Love Life and See Good Days
Emily Freeman
96 pages
Kindle edition

From the Publisher:
For he that will love life, and see good days . . . happy are ye (1 Peter 3:10, 14). We live in a society that is constantly reminding us to have a good day, but the scriptures tell us to see good days. Bestselling author Emily Freeman examines the difference between the two perspectives and shares some tried and true methods straight from the scriptures to help us live a happier, more hopeful life. Each chapter in the book addresses a specific aspect of Peter’s profound invitation such as how we can deal with discouragement and doubt and how a desire for happiness and good can really lead to more happiness and more good and offers a scriptural application to help us see good days.

This was one of my summer reading picks and honestly I’m not sure why I didn’t read it earlier.  I LOVED this little book!  It is a short read (only 96 pages) but full of great inspiration, scriptures, and stories that will help you see the good days.  I am a big believer that there is good in every day – remember I posted one of my favorite quotes last friday?

Using the scriptures and personal stories, this book points out exactly that – there might not be great days, but there IS good in every day – we just need to look for it.  Every chapter has a different scripture that helps us see that our Heavenly Father wants us to see the good days.

One of my favorite ideas that she points out is writing down the blessings you see every day, keeping a gratitude journal.  This is something I have done off and on, but I think it is such a great idea.  She even suggests putting these lists out where you can be reminded of them daily and re-read them regularly.  I LOVE that Emily says that right off the bat she knows there will be bad days, bad months, bad times.  You can’t make trials and bad things go away, but you can look for good during those times.

Another awesome quote I loved…because the ”way we envision it” part totally applies to me

“Sometimes we are so busy praying for the answer we want, in the way we envision it will happen, that we almost miss the answer the Lord is sending us.”

Looking back through this book I have so many notes and highlighted sections.  I wish I could share them all, but that would pretty much be the whole book.  While this book is short, it is one I can refer to time and time again. It’s a wonderful resource and I’m glad I finally got around to reading it.  If you, or anyone you know, is going through a hard time — or you aren’t and you just have a hard time seeing the good –this is a great place to start. 

Look for the good every day! 
It’s there.

Final Score:

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