Friday Five

September 25, 2015

Five of my fall favorites this week:

1. Fall running gear!  With fall it’s been darker and darker outside. This year my sister got some Knuckle Lights and she let me borrow them for a run a couple weeks ago.  I found them easy to wear and they didn’t seem to bother me. There is a high, low and a blinking light option. It’s so easy to adjust with your hands while running, (although I have no idea why anyone would want a blinking light?  After running with these – and then again without them, I am hooked.  I really think I need a pair!

Do you run with a light now that it’s darker?  Or just run inside?  
What’s your favorite fall running gear consist of?


2. Pumpkin, apples and fall baking!  Some of my favorites every fall are apple puff pancakes andpumpkin layer cake.  I never claimed to be a food blogger…or photographer, but these recipes are yummy and family favorites!
3. Maybe this has nothing to do with fall – but it’s just too funny.  Have you see this?  My husband picks up the kindergarten car pool one day a week and he always jokes about those mama’s there.  He jokes that he never fits in and says that one day he is going to show up in workout gear too. 

4. This is a friend of a friend…and how cool is this idea?   She has a you tube channel (found here) where she can read awesome books to your kid!  How nice would this be to use…I’m thinking while trying to make dinner?  Or if you are busy feeding a baby?  Or helping another one with homework?  Seriously – the list could go on and on.  Love this!

5.  And last, but not least – fall means a fall book swap!  You can find the details here.  Don’t forget to share this and sign up!  It should be fun!

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