Book Review: Just Show Up

October 1, 2015


Just Show Up
Kara Tippetts, Jill Lynn, Buteyn
192 pages
ARC through NetGalley

From the Publisher:
Kara Tippetts’s story was not a story of disease, although she lost her battle with terminal cancer. It was not a story of saying goodbye, although she was intentional in her time with her husband and four children. Kara’s story was one of seeing God in the hard and in the good. It was one of finding grace in the everyday. And it was one of knowing “God with us” through fierce and beautiful friendship.

In Just Show Up, Kara and her close friend, Jill Lynn Buteyn, write about what friendship looks like in the midst of changing life seasons, loads of laundry, and even cancer. Whether you are eager to be present to someone going through a difficult time or simply want inspiration for pursuing friends in a new way, this eloquent and practical book explores the gift of silence, the art of receiving, and what it means to just show up.

Kara Tippets other book, “The Hardest Peace” has been on my to-read list for the last couple months.  I really wanted to get to it this summer, but I just haven’t got around to it, and then I saw this book on NetGalley.  Since I received an advanced copy from the publisher, so I decided to read this book first.  I am so glad I read this book when I did. I highlighted and marked so many passages. I was only about 1/3 into the book when I had to stop and text a friend…because this is exactly a book that she needed to read.  On the surface, this book is about a friend, and  a battle with cancer.  But it’s more than that.

“We might not feel qualified to show up.  I know I never have and probably never will.  But God uses those of us who aren’t qualified so that He’s glorified.  And when we show up, we’re blessed. – Jill Lynn Buteyn

The book offers nine chapters that are full of insightful and inspirational ways that we can show up, we can be there, and support each other. It might be cancer, it might not.  I have friends with different struggles.  I am not always good at showing up.  But reading this book reminded me of one time I did.  My mother in law passed way about two and a half years ago.  She had battled cancer.  I will never forget the day we were off track (in year round school at the time) and I packed the kids up bright and early and headed to her house.  It was about an hour drive. The kids hung out and played in the basement and watched movies all day.  They each got a moment to spend with Grandma.  But I never left her side.  I sat in the room with her and held her hand and we chatted, I fed her, helped her to the bathroom, adjust her positions so she could be more comfortable.  She occasionally slept but she would not let go of my hand. I never saw my mother in law alive again in this life.  She passed on a few days later surrounded by her children and some of her grandchildren.  I miss her, but I know I will see her again.  I could have easily said I couldn’t go that day.  I had 5 small kids.  A baby.  A lot of errands and life.  But I showed up.  And I am SO glad I did.

This book talks about courage and how to not be afraid to be there.  We all need each other and this book shows us that with God we can do just that.  It talks about how we sometimes need to talk, but sometimes we just need to be there.

“I believe that God sometimes want to say something to us in those situations but that His voice gets crowded out by our nervous talk, trying to say the right thing or come up with a comparable story.  At times we need to be still and know that HE is God and we are not. – Jill Lynn Buteyn

I really cannot say enough good things about this book.  I learned so much from it.  I think everyone could.  I think it can be applied to so many different situations in life. I can’t wait to bump up Tippets other book up on my to-read list.  I am sure I will love it as well.  I read a lot of non-fiction.  Some LDS based, some not.  This is a very good Christian based book that anyone from any Christian faith would enjoy.

Similar books you might enjoy if you like this one (or if you liked these, I suggest this book): Hands Free Life, Undone, or Heaven Is Here.

Final Score:

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