Book Review: The Benefits are Real, but the Struggle is Real (er)

November 4, 2015


The Benefits are Real, but the Struggle is Real (er)
Brittany Smart
25 pages
kindle edition

From the Publisher:
Have you ever had a day when you feel about as motivated to exercise as a slug? And not even one of the more active slugs, either. We’re talking the laziest slug ever recorded. (Incidentally, she lives in an onion patch in Kansas and has been named Frieda by the local agricultural enthusiasts.) 
If you and Frieda The Slug are displaying alarmingly similar movement patterns, you’ll want to read this book. Because in it you’ll find 42 ways to trick yourself into exercising, starting today. You’ll be leaving Frieda in the dirt in no time. 
No, seriously. You will. Because, slugs.

This is a really short (25 pages) ebook that I read because I really liked another ebook by the same girl.  Plus – I’m a runner and this book really looked like it might be a good book for me.  Because let’s face it – there are days we all don’t want to run, or walk, or workout, or whatever it is you do.

The book is compiled into a couple short chapters- the first ones talk about why we need exercise and why we shouldn’t skip even one day.  Then we get into the good stuff – the tips and tricks.  This isn’t a book you would want to sit down and read once and then put on your shelf (although I suppose you could) but it’s a good reference book that you should look through when you need some motivation and ideas to get going.  Maybe print out a couple of your favorite tricks and tips and put them by your running shoes!

A couple of my favorites (and ones that totally work for me):
-register for an event you can train for
-write down how many miles or minutes you want to exercising for the week, divide it and then go for that number each day
-find a podcast or audio book you really want to listen too – only allow yourself to listen to it if you are exercising
-reward yourself with shaving your legs only if you work out (HA!)

If you are someone who has a hard time getting going with exercise, is just starting to get in the habit or want a book that will give you some quick motivational ideas in about 30 minutes or less – this book is a great download.

I am cutting half a star because I wouldn’t mind more ideas:)

Final Score:

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