Make Over Your Mornings: Day 6

November 23, 2015


I’m currently on Day 6 of the Make Over Your Morning class by Crystal Paine.  I’m not sure how other have taken this class – if they take it consecutively every day for 14 days? But when I signed up I kinda had a plan in my head that I would take weekends off.  
Day 6 goes right along with Day 5 – it talks more about goals and breaking them down.  I did actually wake up on Saturday and work on Day 6.  I also woke up early on Sunday, although I didn’t work on any certain “day” for the class, rather I woke up, prepared myself a little for the day mentally and read a book I was really enjoying.  It feels SO nice to start this habit of waking up and making time to prepare the right way for my day.

Day six gave me a lot to think about.  Actually if  I’m being completely honest, day five did too.  I am still working on both days. I’m trying to use the information and habits that I form from this class to prepare me for 2016.  I really want to start the year off right! And just like I said above – I’m not sure how other people have worked through this course, but I am going to spend a couple extra days on the days that I need a couple extra days on.  So today I repeated day six.

A couple extras that I really loved from the lesson were: this link from Anne Bogel (Modern Mrs. Darcy) about the process, not the outcome – something I really relate too. (you can read a little bit about my struggles  with the process versus the outcome here) And then this post from Crystal that includes a printable calendar to check things off.  I am thinking of really using this with my family and our scripture reading in January.

So my assignment today is the same as Saturday.  I’m thinking and brainstorming some goals – and breaking them down into pieces.  I am pretty good at making goals for a day or a week.  But longer term goals are harder for me.  I’ve worked on a huge brainstorm list – but I really need to break it down and figure out what I really want to focus on.  I don’t need to bite off more than I can chew!

How do you break down goals or keep them in the front of your mind?
I’m really looking forward to this week.  And hoping it is better than last!

Interested in making over your mornings?  You can sign up here –  and you even get the first day free!

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