Weekly Wrap Up

November 16, 2015

Some weeks I’m on…and some weeks, well some weeks are just off.  For whatever reason, last week was one of those weeks.  This morning as I was running and contemplating this blog post I was starting to feel pretty down and discouraged.  I was mentally going through my goals for last week and I knew I had fallen short.  Do you ever have those days?  I was beating myself up mentally, thinking of women who are faster than me, better dressed than me, more put together, women who always know the right thing to say.  It was a hard run. But then this song came on….
I kinda have a thing for listening to The Piano Guys while running shorter runs.  I wasn’t sure at first, but once I did it I was hooked.  It’s like running to your own life movie score.  You should try it.

So this morning this song came on and it really made me stop and thing.  (Okay, I was running so I didn’t stop) but I thought a lot about this song.  And how last week I fell short.  

Don’t we all fall short?  I know I do a lot. That is why we need His Love and His Grace.

I might not be the fastest.  I might not have it all together.  But I can embrace my best self.  I can pray for Grace.

My goals last week were: 
-20 miles  (I only ran 12 miles)
-eat a good breakfast (oatmeal) every day (yeah, I fell off this bandwagon to last week)
-make intentional best choices (I tried to work at at this)
-be positive (not sure how to account for this.  I tried.)
-read 2 books (Did it!  I finished two!)

My goals this week are:
-20 miles
-eat a good breakfast every day
-read two books
-post about the book club and thanksgiving book lists
-If you follow me on Facebook you might have seen that I signed up for the Make Over Your Morning Challenge last week.  My goal is to work on this class every day this week and post about it.  Feel free to join me by clicking the link above!  It would be fun to do this together!

What are you working on this week?  
What are your goals?

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